YSaC, Vol. XXX

2008 September 9
by drmk

Small animal cage – $15

Small animal cage, great for transportation. Only $15.

I’m having a real perspective problem here. At first I thought the pictures were upside down, and I was trying to figure out how someone could post pictures upside down.

Then I realized that if they were upside down, the bedding in the carrier would be floating on the top of the carrier, so the pictures must be right side up.

Which means that the carrier is right side up, and floating against the ceiling of someone’s garage.

Maybe that’s why it’s great for transportation — the carrier itself is lighter than air.

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  1. 2008 September 10
    Mike permalink

    But what’s the anti-grav rating on the thing? Will it still float with my 14-lb. cat in it? And how do I get it out of the car without sending poor Fluffy into the stratosphere?

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  2. 2008 September 10
    drmk permalink

    Clearly you have to counterbalance the carrier, taking the weight of the cat into account. It’s a very complicated formula. *nods wisely*

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  3. 2008 November 21
    URNA$$HAT permalink

    You just need a leash… It IS a pet carrier….

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  4. 2008 December 14
    ini permalink

    oh my god…that’s a picture I took in our garage while throwing the cat carrier up in the air….hehehehe.

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  5. 2009 January 11
    Jennifer permalink

    I think the pics are upside down – but on purpose. The person taking the pictures did not realize that they had the carrier wrong-side-up, then tried to “compensate” for that by rotating the pics 180°.

    Here’s why: if you look at the first pic, you see the dark green outside surface of the carrier – and it must be the bottom, because cat carriers always have a handle on top (else how would one carry them?

    The bedding is either glued in, or held up by sideways tension.

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    • 2009 September 5
      Steve permalink

      At first glance, I thought the same as Jennifer – the the pics had been taken on the floor, and inverted. But looking closely at the larger versions of the pics show what’s very clearly the TOP of a garage door.

      It’s hanging from the ceiling by a hook through the carrying handle.

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  6. 2009 March 17
    Catherine permalink

    I laughed so hard at this entry that I drooled a little. That’s never happened to me before!

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    • 2009 March 17
      drmk permalink

      Yay! I should use that as my tagline: YSaC: May Induce Drooling.

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