YSaC, Vol. 316: If she WAS an alien, I’d adopt her, but …

2009 May 29

Rare long haired black chiwawa

Jackie-o is her name she is going on 6 months old. she is very friendly loving and potty trained. Also knows how it sit. i have been working with her to fetch which she will when not distracted and also been teaching her cry when somthing is wrong. she is not spayed for i did not know if i wanted to do that to her. i was figureing i would give her the choice after her first period.

(which she has not had yet)

I am looking for a family home for her. she loves kids and is even great with babies. for she has been around my god daughter who was born three days after jackie. i am asking a rehoming fee for her to know that she will be loved for ever. I wish i could take her with me but i am moving almost three thousand miles away and my house is unfortanly not pet friendly. 🙁 if you have any questions feel free to email me. a recent photo is below how ever i took it with my cell so her eyes look bright,(she is not alien) And like i said before jackie-0 is a rare long haired loving black chi-wa-wa.


LeAna sends this one in, saying, “First of all, black longhaired chihuahuas are not rare. Second — she was going to let the dog decide whether to be spayed? Oh, and don’t you worry, she’s not an alien, it’s just my crappy cell camera …”
And … really? Chiwawa? I mean, I realize that chihuahua is sort of difficult to spell, but I think I’m going to have to invoke my “if you can’t spell it, you don’t deserve to own the breed” rule.
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  1. 2009 May 29

    I think she might be giving ol’ Jackie-O a little too much credit there. I mean, I consider my dogs smart, but they’re still dogs! Jackie-O will OF COURSE be able to make a decision about whether to be spayed after she gets a load of the cramps and hormones of her first period, but I think her understanding the concept of love based on a “rehoming fee” might be a little far-fetched.

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  2. 2009 May 29

    “i am asking a rehoming fee for her to know that she will be loved for ever.”

    Jackie-o to therapist: “Well, my owner gave me up when I was 12.”

    Therapist: “That must have been very sad for you.”

    Jackie-o: “Well, yeah, sure, but you know she asked for $200. I mean, that’s pretty awesome, right? She wanted me to know that I would be loved forever.”

    Therapist: “Hmmm.” Pause. “Sounds like your owner was a douche.”

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  3. 2009 May 29

    she IS rare in that Xenu left her here to remind us mortal humans that our inner alien forms are just trying to break free!

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  4. 2009 May 29

    Yeah, I’m disturbed by the fact that this woman thinks her dog’s going to get a period. I wonder how she planned to affix the maxi pad.

    I’m not a dog person, but generally if you really love your pet don’t you pick your new house on the ability to take said pet? Or do folks still not realize this ownership thing is supposed to be a lifetime commitment.

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    • 2009 May 29
      Elle permalink

      Dogs actually do bleed when they go into heat.

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      • 2009 May 29
        Sarah permalink

        But it’s called estrus.

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        • 2009 August 17
          Hiyame permalink

          You know, I probably could have lived my whole life without knowing this… Man, the things you learn on the internet these days!

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    • 2009 May 29
      count blah permalink

      …and it’s not a maxi pad, it’s a diaper. Or it was in the case of my Aunt’s unspayed doberman. A lot of people I’ve asked about this have said they never noticed their dog having a period, though–possibly it’s really light and they lick everything up the minute it comes out.

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      • 2009 June 3

        Honestly, I’ve never owned a female dog with noticeable bleeding. Not that I’ve owned one in years.

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  5. 2009 May 29
    w-o-w! permalink

    lol!!! Clearly not a dog person!
    Regardless- If I loved my pet as much as she “claims” she loves hers, find another place to live that accepts pets -I’d sooner sleep on the street than give my dog away -and at a price too!!! What cheek- Can’t stand people like this. They don’t deserve animals in the first place.

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  6. 2009 May 29
    judybat permalink

    Wow! She’s even potty trained!! My dog is only housebroken. She’s so tiny though. I wonder if she’s ever fallen in.

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  7. 2009 May 29
    HappyNat permalink

    “also been teaching her cry when somthing is wrong”

    Is that really something you teach? My dogs have always had the ability to react when something is wrong. What did the dog do before, sit there with no expression while its foot was caught in the door? And how do you teach them that? Do you throw your godchild in a well? Drop a book on the dogs head? “Allright Jackie I lit the house on fire, can you cry for mommy?

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    • 2009 June 1
      corn flakes permalink

      I think the dog was taught to weep.
      Quite handy if you’re worried about their feelings.

      “Hey, what did you do? Jackie, is crying again. You insensitive bastard. Go apologize and buy her a nice gift”

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  8. 2009 May 29
    Linnee permalink

    She doesn’t mention whether or not she’s taught the dog to bark. Maybe the dog will decide if she wants to learn after she decides if she wants to wear those those tiny tampons or get spayed.

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  9. 2009 May 29
    count blah permalink

    The “rehoming fee” is to try to ensure that the dog goes to a good owner willing to care for her long-term. If Jackie-O were free, she’d be more likely to attract some douche who’ll take her home on a whim but then get bored and give her up a week later.

    The “letting her choose whether to be spayed” thing is f’n ridiculous.

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    • 2009 May 30
      drmk permalink

      “she’d be more likely to attract some douche who’ll take her home on a whim but then get bored and give her up a week later.”

      Like her current owner?

      Oh, sorry … was that out loud?

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      • 2009 May 30
        kristen55 permalink

        That’s kind of what I was thinking…

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  10. 2009 May 30
    pitbull friend permalink

    OK, got to give her credit on one thing. Us rescue folks do strongly recommend that folks charge some kind of “rehoming” or “adoption” fee because otherwise animals are more likely to end up in the hands of people looking for bait for fighting dogs or in the hands of “bunchers” who collect dogs (often out of peoples’ backyards when they aren’t looking) and sell them to laboratories.

    But another thing us rescue folks strongly recommend is NOT HAVING AN UNALTERED DOG. That’s why we don’t adopt them out that way. Too many of them fall into the hands of geniuses like this who, I’m sure, would be just as careful placing the babies as she is placing the mama.

    This is why I try to stay out of the pets section.

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    • 2009 May 30
      kristen55 permalink

      I recently adopted a very nice dog off of CL from very nice people (I got incredibly lucky), but for the most part the entire pet section is filled with the sort of douchebags who make this person look comparatively good. Now that I have quit browsing there I’m a much happier person.

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  11. 2009 May 30
    woofless permalink

    I’m still stuck on the “rare long haired black chi-wa-wa”. Is a “chi-wa-wa” a mutant variety of the Chihuahua that can cry real tears, use a toilet & make its own decisions regarding contraception?

    Because otherwise, if it’s not? I’m stumped.

    And yeah, re-homing fee helps weed out the total douchebags- the ones looking for bait & research dogs. But somebody’s willingness to spend butt-loads of money on a dog is no guarantee of a good home. Lots of $1500 “designer lab-doodles” popping up in shelters, lately, after all.

    Some douchebags come with their own disposable income yet have same blatant disregard for other creatures 🙂

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    • 2009 August 24
      Shark Blank permalink

      I agree. On a recent episode of Animal Cops Pheonix, a guy had a puppy with a broken leg. He took it to the vet, got an x-ray done of the leg, but then took the dog home and put a human finger splint on the wrong part of the leg. When asked why, he said he didn’t want to spend the money, said something about expensive scams, after he had already taken it to the vet for x-rays. Said he could do it just fine himself. Which he didn’t. And when asked if he didn’t have the money, he said he had around $50,000 available. Needless to say, the dog was awarded to the ASPCA and was then adopted by a loving family.

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  12. 2009 May 31

    haha glad the poster had to clarify that she’s not alien. a lot of people would have been misled otherwise 😛

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  13. 2009 June 16

    Keep the updates coming. I have bookmarked your page and look forward to future updates.

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