YSaC, Vol. 366: Want to buy a weeder?

2009 July 18

Mow that LAWN – $40

Lawnboy gas powered , people pushed mower, easy start. Ready to go.
already started today so if you want to see run, come on over for atest drive and finish my lawn.
xxx-xxx-xxxx, ‘Cause I will be out side in the sun.

This man is my new hero. “You want proof that this lawnmower works? Here, mow my lawn for me. See? It works.”

Or then there’s this type of optimism:

Aerial Antenna


I have an old-school antenna attached to the roof of my house that I do not need. I don’t know anything about antennas but it looks like a nice one to me. It’s free for the taking provided you bring your own step ladder (at least 10ft tall I’m thinking) and you promise not to fall off my roof. It’s tricky getting on the roof because you can’t lean a ladder on the gutters as they’ll collapse. Anyhow, if interested, please email me to set up a date and time.


Sara sends this in, with her translation: “I don’t want to pay someone to remove this antenna, which may or may not work.  So, if you have a 10 foot ladder that can magically levitate so that it doesn’t lean against my crappy gutters, and if you promise to not sue me if you fall and break your neck, you can own this fabulous, possibly functional, ‘old school’ antenna.”

And, of course, there’s this:


Have a pile of broken bricks from removing a walkway, need gone ASAP bring a truck you haul away………


Matt says, “Here, let me clean up your mess for you.”

I don’t know what the supply-and-demand chain is like for broken bricks these days, but this was posted in Detroit — it’s possible that someone could take these bricks and build a house that would be worth $6.50. Then again, just about every house in Detroit is worth $6.50.

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  1. 2009 July 18

    come test out my washer to make sure it’s ok! i have a pile of dirty laundry ready for you.

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    • 2009 July 18
      Windrose permalink

      Dishwasher, whirlpool, works good. Please remove clean dishes before you haul it away. 8)

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  2. 2009 July 18

    Not all the bricks are broken. Wonder if the poster would mind if I just took the whole ones.

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  3. 2009 July 18
    Meg permalink

    I will say this, when we took out our actual stone sidewalk and had the pieces in a pile by the road we had at least three different people knocking on our door asking if they could take it off our hands.

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    • 2009 July 18
      kristen55 permalink

      Yeah, when we built our shop I advertised the leftover wood scraps for free, and the people who showed up (they called within minutes of the ad going up), not only hauled away the wood but every other scrap of junk they could find in the yard. No complaints here – I thought I was going to have to get a dumpster for that other stuff. I guess it’s true what they say about ‘one man’s trash’.

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      • 2009 July 30
        Adelle permalink

        my eccentric Uncle John once noted a pile of busted up cement in the corner of someone’s yard and said “that could be made into a wall or something useful” and we all laughed (under our breath/up our sleeves…Uncle John was ECCENTRIC)…lo and behold! a few weeks later, that pile of busted up cement was gone and there was a wall lining the neighbor’s yard.

        Made of busted up cement. ^5 Uncle John!

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  4. 2009 July 18

    My parents would love to have those bricks to fill in a hole under some dirt they are going to plant stuff in. Junk isn’t always junk.

    Also, we are moving in a month or two to a building that has an old school roof antenna. We don’t have cable, and are hoping that by hooking our tv up to the old school roof antenna we’ll be able to actually watch tv again. We currently only get about 4 channels, not counting the Spanish ones (we don’t speak Spanish, sadly).

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  5. 2009 July 18
    KDK permalink

    All television is digital now. You could use the antenna for elevation at home as you recover, in traction, from the terrible fall you suffered retrieving it.

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  6. 2009 July 18
    Bridgete permalink

    Damn, KDK beat me to the fact that the “old school” antenna is useless following the switch to digital.

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  7. 2009 July 18

    No, they’re not useless at all! Most rooftop antennas work just as well (if not better) with DTV as they did with analog. Believe me, our circa 1970 unit brings in the channels perfectly…

    Oh, and I am a Detroit native *glares*

    Just kidding about the glaring–I can hardly be offended when you speak the truth 😀

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    • 2009 July 21
      Bridgete permalink

      Oh, really? Interesting. I guess I’ve been a cable junkie for so long I didn’t bother to pay attention to anything regarding the digital switch.

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    • 2009 July 22
      marn permalink

      yeppers…you use the “old skool” antenna along with a converter box to bring in the new digital signals. works great!

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  8. 2009 July 19
    Poppy permalink

    Jeepers, it looks like the DTV transition marketing worked… “Buy buy buy, the world will end if you don’t buy!”

    “Generally, the same antenna that currently provides good quality reception on an analog TV set will also provide good DTV reception, but this is not always the case. The type of antenna you need for digital reception depends on several factors, including how far you are from the transmitting station, where your antenna is located and in which frequency band (VHF or UHF) the stations are that you want to watch.”http://www.dtvanswers.com/dtv_antenna.html

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  9. 2009 July 19

    Nearly every listing in the FREE category is of the “please come haul this crap away” variety.

    I’m guilty of it myself. How else was I going to get rid of a CRT television that weighs more than everyone in my family put together?

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  10. 2009 July 20

    Hmm. I’ve seen these ads so frequently, I’m almost completely immune to them. Also, I’m on a Yahoo group called freecycle (www.freecycle.org) – the main goal is to keep items out of the landfill. Very frequently the poster has not tested the item to see if it works. Very frequently the item is the result of a demolition or fire (god, who would ever post an ad offering ‘pre-burned’ deck wood? oh wait, yeah that was me….and someone came and took it!)

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  11. 2009 July 20

    Bar of soap. Not sure if it works. Come on over and bathe my Grandmother to test.

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    • 2009 July 20
      Lola permalink

      Ah, thank you for the reminder not to drink anything while reading this blog! Inadvertent aspiration (sp?) of water is worth it, though.

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  12. 2009 July 27
    Nathan permalink

    Actually, scrap metal is expensive. The amount in that old school antenna might be worth the trouble of getting it down.

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