2009 January 19

Broke assed limp *ick burned out washed up dead beat stoner seeks

youngish female for making babies and living happily ever after..

The good folks from Dating is Weird send along this one, saying “I’m all for truth and honesty but jesus christ man. Seriously? Your dick doesn’t work and yet you want to reproduce? How do you plan to do that? No no, wait. Actually I don’t want to know. Yuck.”

I have to agree — the honesty is simultaneously refreshing and abhorrent. Although I have a sneaking suspicion that this ad was posted by my ex.

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  1. 2009 January 19
    Mandee permalink

    I know the first thing I thought of when looking for a prospective father for my child was a dead beat stoner!!

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  2. 2009 January 19
    Manda permalink

    define “youngish”…..hmmmmmm…….that’s kinda gross! But then again what do you expect from a limp dicked, broke, dead beat stoner! What a winner ladies!

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  3. 2009 January 19

    Is there anyway to filter Craigslist so we could make sure women whose biological clocks are ticking and will settle for anyone, don’t see his ad? I don’t want him to be able to procreate…

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  4. 2009 January 20

    LOL Monica. If only…

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  5. 2009 January 20

    maybe youngish just means not eligible for AARP

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  6. 2009 January 21

    Honestly how can someone with that description still be single?? Its mind boggling! 😉

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  7. 2009 September 4
    Kagenin permalink

    Remember: Pot makes your little swimmers lazy. He’d probably have to put the bong down for a couple weeks to get his swimmers back into shape.

    Not that he should be reproducing. At all…

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