Submit a listing!

Please, folks: When you submit a listing, please submit the full text and, if there are pictures, attach them to the email! It takes me a while to work my way through my email, and things get flagged or deleted in the meantime. Dragging and dropping the pictures to the email actually doesn’t attach them — it just creates a link to the original picture location, and if it gets deleted the picture is gone. The best way is to save the pictures to your desktop, and then attach them to the email.


If you come across a Craigslist listing you think should be featured here, please email it to yousuckatcraigslist at gmail dot com.

You can use the “email this posting to a friend” function on Craigslist, but if it’s something that you think might disappear from Craigslist quickly (i.e., if it might get flagged as inappropriate), please copy the text and save the pictures and email them directly to me.

Please, please, PLEASE include pictures and the full text! There’s a much better chance of the post making it up on the website if you attach the pictures and full text — sometimes it takes me a few days (or longer) to get through my email, and if the post gets taken down by the author, gets corrected, or gets flagged, and I don’t have the full post, I can’t [read: won't] use it! The “email this posting to a friend” function does not attach pictures.

Feel free to include witty text to help save me the brain cells. And if you want to be credited, let me know a name or nickname to credit the listing to. Repeat/frequent contributors will get their own tag.

I appreciate every submission, although I can’t respond to each one. In general I try to respond to people if I am using the post to let them know it’s in the queue. I don’t always remember to do this, though.

Things I won’t post:

  • Anything that’s already in the “Best of Craigslist” section. I prefer to find the weirdness that’s buried deep within Craigslist. Besides, many of the “Best of Craigslist” posts are really well written.
  • Well-written posts that are seeking something that some folks might think is weird — fetish posts, for example, or alternate lifestyle arrangements. Just because you think something is weird doesn’t mean everyone else does. Now, if the posts are poorly written, then they’re fair game!
  • Please don’t send me posts for “French Provincial” furniture. That’s the RIGHT name! If you see French Prudential/Preventional/Prevental, though, send ‘em in! (I have to admit, when I see “French Provincial” now, I have to stop and think about whether that’s right or wrong!)

Things I will post:

  • Posts from places other than Craigslist (I’ve had posts from and some other online classifieds).

Thanks for reading the blog, and for submitting posts. The blog is a success because of everyone who reads it and shares their local craziness. For that, I thank you!