YSaC, Vol. L

2008 September 22
by drmk

Make me an offer

Check out the pics. Send me a note if you want more info. Make me an offer.

Two thoughts come to mind here:

  1. You know what would be really useful here? A size. Even if it was just a general idea of whether this is cut for a stick or a walrus.
  2. Am I making an offer on the dress itself, or for the time of the person wearing the dress? ‘Cause that dress is kind of skanktacular, and if I read “Make me an offer” with a sort of Mae West voice going on in my head, it takes on a completely different meaning.
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  1. 2008 November 21
    Juju permalink

    Why does that dress remind of something a really bad transvestite might wear?

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  2. 2009 November 1
    Randy permalink

    “Skanktacular” made me snork.

    Adores: 2
  3. 2009 November 1

    Please let those be sequins or sparkles, and not a spattering of … something white … on a blue dress.

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    • 2009 December 20
      Lola permalink

      What, Monica Lewinsky can’t put her old stuff on CL?

      Adores: 2
    • 2009 December 20
      Windrose permalink

      Isaac, get the black light. We’ll figure it out.

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