YSaC, Vol. IL

2008 September 22
by drmk

Century 21 Home Towne Realty sign – $10

Century 21 Home Towne Realty sign for sale. Was used by a previous realtor. Just the sign, not the post. only 10 dollars.

Just the sign, not the post … because you’re selling the post for $15 in another ad.

Okay, call me stupid, but don’t those signs belong to the real estate agency? And why would anyone want a Century 21 sign unless they were listing their house with Century 21? And if they were, wouldn’t Century 21 give them their own sign and post? Like, for free?

Somehow I can’t imagine Century 21 saying, “Sure, we’ll list your home. Troll Craigslist and see if you can find a sign and a post to put in front of your house.”

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  1. 2009 January 4
    jen permalink

    Alas, individual Realtors generally have to buy their own signs and they’re pretty expensive. The real question here is: what did this Realtor do to make all their co-workers hate them so much they don’t want to buy their signs?

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  2. 2009 October 31

    I was always under the impression that realtors took the signs back after a house sold, so the signs could be used again. I wonder whether this CL poster is just prowling neighborhoods at night, harvesting signs, and holding them ransom.

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