YSaC, Vol. LI

2008 September 22
by drmk

stand up freezer – $100

stand up freezer works good just don’t need any more
Paid $100.00 for it and would like $100.00 for it because i is still worth it.
I can help you load it for a small token of your app. thank you and happy hunting.

Stand up freezer. Okay then. And when he sits down, he’s a toaster!

And that’s right, baby. You is still worth it.

Name the quote contest: It’s a shame when people be throwin’ away a perfectly good stand up freezer like that!

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  1. 2008 September 23
    melissa permalink

    it’s a play off of better off dead!

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  2. 2008 September 29
    drmk permalink

    Yep — one of my favorite movies!

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  3. 2009 February 22
    Mak permalink

    Am I incorrect in reading this or is he asking for a tip from the person he’s selling it to for assisting to load it into their vehicle?


    Possibly sex or drugs, I suppose…

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  4. 2009 August 29
    wraith permalink

    I guess he just has so many freezers shaped like men that he “just don’t need any more”

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  5. 2009 August 30
    DaddyPro permalink

    That’s one chill dude. Much app.

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  6. 2009 September 24
    Pete permalink

    selling the freezer for what he paid, and asking for a tip on the side to help move it. what a hustlin pro.

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  7. 2010 February 28
    Windrose permalink

    For a mere $20, somewhere in the future, is an ad that will help him get a better photo of the freezer for this ad.

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