YSaC, Vol. LIV

2008 September 23

Also sent in by SJ, who appears to have been trolling the “Barter” section recently:

Legal Help By A Laywer Not A Paralegal For Barter

I Will Barter My Legal Help For:
Car Repairs On A Cadillac Deville, Lincoln
Painting A 3,000 Sq. Foot House
A Good Running Car
New Roof On House
Or Any Other Barter On This Order

Apparently Laywers Not A Paralegal Must Type With Capital Letters At The Beginning Of Every Word. Also Apparently Laywers Not A Paralegal Have No Idea How Much Things Cost.

Here’s A Hint, Mr. Laywer Not A Paralegal: My New Roof Cost $4500. An X-Box Costs Under $500. Those Are Not On The Same Order.

Oh, by the way: it’s spelled lawyer. Unless you spent three years in Lay School. Wouldn’t you love to see this guy’s briefs? (Oh, shame on you! I was talking about his Laywer Briefs.)

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  1. 2008 October 16
    tinabug permalink

    I think you misunderstood this one. The ‘laywer’ isn’t posting — the guy who wants legal services is posting. He’s offering those items to a Laywer Not a Paralegal.

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  2. 2008 October 16
    drmk permalink

    I dunno … he says, “I will barter my legal help”, implying that he’s the one who’s providing legal help. I guess I can see the other interpretation, but that feels like a big semantic distortion to what’s on the page.

    Even if it IS the case, the guy still sucks at Craigslist, since the ad is unclear.

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  3. 2008 October 29
    Random Person permalink

    Maybe he meant, like, a Wii or car repairs for a simple uncontested divorce, and a new roof for a med mal case that goes to trial. (I’m guessing here — I am in fact a lawyer but don’t do the kind of work that I would have a good idea what cases cost.) But if that’s the case, then I don’t know what the “Same Order” bit is about. Still SaC, no argument with that.

    Some Formats Used for Briefs Actually Do Use (Almost) All Words Capitalized In Headings… but of course, most people can tell the difference between writing a brief and posting to CL, whether they’re lawyers, laywers, paralegals, or just regular people.

    Hey, if he did go to three years of Lay School, then he should know a fair amount about briefs, no? And I don’t mean legal briefs.

    Unless Lay School is where you go when you get tired of being a lawyer and decide you want to go back to being a layperson.

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  4. 2008 November 1
    Random Person permalink

    The day I posted the above comment, I got home and in my mailbox was an ad for a book called LAY WORDS for LAWYERS (capitalized just like that) which was sort of confusing when I had laywers and lawyers on my mind already. Weird.

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