2008 September 23
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by drmk

The syntactic ambiguity of this headline is what pleases me the most:

Home entertainment system for stripper pole – $300

I have a 5 pc. in home surround sound entertainment system priced at used value $300.00 . I am looking for a portable stripper pole with base. Base needs to fit through a regular doorway on its side at least.

This was found in the “barter” section. Because really, if you have a stripper pole, who needs any other type of entertainment?

Sent in by SJ — thanks!

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  1. 2008 October 2

    there is a douche in my hometown that has a stripper pole installed in the bed of his truck. no. lie.

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  2. 2008 November 16
    Anonymous permalink

    Also, is there any stripper pole anywhere that couldn’t fit through a door on it’s side at least?

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  3. 2010 July 16
    Moira permalink

    Oh, come now. Doesn’t every stripper pole deserve a home entertainment system?

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  4. 2010 October 30
    NotMyName permalink

    “Call now! You can play video games, watch all your favorite sports, and watch a woman strip ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!! Only $299.99*!!!”

    *Plus shipping and handling. Not valid in Ohio. May cause epilepsy, seizures, or paralysis. Do not attempt to use this device if pregnant, or if you are driving a vehicle or operating heavy machinery. Chances are, you will kill someone.

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