YSaC, Vol. 1632: In a world ….

2013 November 27
by drmk

Vintage Brass Scale of Justice – $50

Vintage Scale of Justice (Painted gold)

Michelle sent this in with her own commentary, which I’m going to steal plagiarize use because it’s brilliant. For best effect, read in a movie announcer voice with a Shatner-esque pause in the middle.

There aren’t any details about the Vintage Brass Scale… OF JUSTICE. One can only guess at the types of weighty situations it has measured up in its years on the Contemporary Wood Table… OF VIRTUE until its bearer took its picture with the Modern Digital Camera… OF TRUTH and put it up on the Futuristic Interwebs Site… OF HONOR. We can only hope that the person destined to bring balance to the force will see this and buy it with his (or her) Commonly Accepted Currency… OF RIGHTEOUSNESS.

Thanks, Michelle, for the commentary … OF JUSTICE!

YSaC, Vol. 1631: Hoos Johnny?

2013 November 25

Need Hoosier – $1

Trade gun stuff for it Call Johnny ###-###-#### anything old 38” to 42.5 inches wide .

Wait, what? You’re trading “gun stuff” (I don’t want to know) for a Hoosier?

Let’s see – what could this person ACTUALLY want?
* An Indiana basketball fan
* An Indiana basketball PLAYER
* A copy (possibly on Betamax) of a certain Gene Hackman movie
* A fan of the much less well known BBC series, “Dr. Hoo”
* A craftsman who makes nylon stockings.
* They’re Hoosy now, but could be Hoosier.
* ???
* Profit!

What do you think? You know where the comments are! (In case you don’t know where the comments are, they’re down a few lines. Under the link to the last post and the “share this” bar. (Have you shared a post today?))

Thanks, Kit!

YSaC, Vol. 385 redux

2013 November 23
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by Windrose

Life is like a box of goodies offered on Craigslist.

YSaC, Vol. 1630: Nota iste a Sparky factus est

2013 November 22

Heavey duty latter rack – $150

I have for sale a well built heaven duty latter rack fits any long bed pickup truck for info call ###-###-#### ask for brad

Wow – you have a rack for a heaven duty latter? Isn’t that the sort of thing that got us in trouble in Genesis 11? You better make sure God doesn’t catch you with that, or you’ll discover that your wife can only speak Hungarian.

Thanks for the ad, Ralph!

YSaC, Vol. 1629: I Am Just A Microwave

2013 November 20

Expensive Stainless Steel Microwave

Stainless Steel Only about a year old and very clean in near perfect condition. Got an over the stove microwave so I have no use for this one any more. If you have a printer you can tell me via e-mail

Email me : [address]

From: dan@ysac.com
To: Sparky@aol.com
Re: Your Microwave

Hello. I saw your ad about the microwave, and wanted to let you know that I own a printer.

P.S. – You keep using that word, “Stainless Steel.” I do not think it means what you think it means.

Thanks, Dave!

YSaC, Vol. 1628: George seeks Ursula

2013 November 18

$400 Female to share 1bdr condo with mature male

Mature male seeking female to share 1bdr condo. Have 2 cats, birds – Utilize full use of condo-twin beds – Must be open minded, platonic living arrangements. Fully furnished. Seeking companionship more than a roomate. Heading into retirement.

There’s really only one thing that bothers me here: He mentions having cats and birds. He says nothing about beagles. Meaning the dogs in picture two are stuffed. So he’s got Fido and Rover preserved in the den. That’s a little creepy.

Everything else seems perfectly normal to me – who’s ready to move right in?

Thanks for the link, Jen!