YSaC, Vol. 921 redux

2013 November 16
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by Windrose

Oatmeal. Hamstring. Firetruck. Bandsaw.

YSaC, Vol. 1627: Blesmols soul.

2013 November 15

mummified mole rat

It is scary ready for holloween tex me xxx xxxxxxx

You know, this IS very scary, especially since that’s probably not actually a mole rat (you know, since they’re indigenous to Africa and Eurasia and not especially good pets), and is more likely their kid’s guinea pig that got trapped in what appears to be a stuffed animal hoarding situation behind it. Based on the look on this poor critter’s face, it wasn’t a pleasant death, either.

The other scary thing about this is that since Craigslist has started mapping street addresses within ads, we can see that the person who thought it would be okay to sell the dessicated corpse of a former family pet as a prop for Halloween happens to live across the street from a large school. If children go missing, I think the police should start in the pile of stuffed animals in this person’s garage.

Thanks, Andy!

YSaC, Vol. 1626: A Jagged Gorgeous Sparky

2013 November 13

::: GORGEOUS ::: GORGEOUS ::: GORGEOUS ::: ………..

Beautiful & in mint condition ……… Asking ….. $70/obo

Every word in this ad is spelled correctly. And there’s no shortage of punctuation. (quite the opposite, actually) I really can’t think of a thing wrong with this. I’m not even sure why I’m posting it. There is absolutely no way this ad could be improved in any way.

Oh well. Thanks anyway, sd!


Shouldn’t we mention what we’re actually selling here, Sparky?


YSaC, Vol. 1625: Cold Hearted Snake

2013 November 11

XL frozen rats for rat and snake lovers – $100

for rat and snake lovers. 50 frozen XL really big rats for that need something of a large size I have fifty XL frozen rats for sale for one hundred dollars ……… please feel free to email me about anything. five five five and five five five and one two one two . [Ed: not the actual number] leave a message or email and leave a message rats, snakes, ball pythons, boa, Burmese, cages, pets, rats, mice. cages, boa, pythons, ball pythons, snakes, rats , mice, Burmese. rabbits , hamsters, gerbils, and pets in general.

OK. I understand how 50 extra large frozen rats might be helpful if you’re a snake lover. When I was thirteen, I had a job feeding the rats and snakes at a local nature center on the weekends. And by “feeding the rats AND the snakes,” I mean, “feeding the rats TO the snakes.” Actually, the snakes only got a rat every now and then, and if the snake decided it wasn’t hungry, I had to retrieve the live rat from the cage, to the annoyance of all three of us.

However – what RAT lover wants fifty frozen dead ones? I like cats, but I don’t want a freezer full of kitty corpses. I could email this person to ask, but… they say to ask them about ANYthing, and it seems a waste to waste my one phone call on something as mundane as questions about rats.

I’m sorry – did I say ONE phone call? Must remember to edit that out… I try not to give away anything about my location. I have PLENTY of phone calls allowed. Not one. No.

Thanks for the post, Andrea!

YSaC, Vol. 665 redux

2013 November 9
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by Windrose

I fear that this post spread the seeds of ICan’tBeArseditis that robbed us of Tuesday and Thursday posts. Not that this is a bad thing if it gave our beloved Web Bosses much needed time away from the hassles and frustrations of zzzzzzzzz

YSaC, Vol. 1624: Yaag ruggwah maw huah huah?

2013 November 8

This sturdy wooden dresser has a big mirror (not shown) and 9 drawers that are covered with fabric. They have two-tone beige-grey faux fur. It’s staple-gunned on, so you could easily remove it to change it to your preferred fabric. The layer under the fur is black Jedi fabric, and before that, the drawers were Peter Rabbit.

It’s on the curb and supposed to rain Monday, so if you could get it today, that’d be great!

Please include your cell number for texting purposes if you’re interested or have questions.

There is nothing technically wrong with this ad. I just want to know — how many Wookiees died so that Sparky could upholster their dresser? The progression from Peter Rabbit to Return of the Jedi to Wookiee massacre is clear; did no one see the warning signs? Won’t someone think of the Wookiees?

Thanks, Suzi!