YSaC, Vol. 1776: Cool, Cool… um?

2014 October 31

In honor of post number 1776, let’s pay tribute to America with this gem, which has nothing whatsoever to do with the Declaration of Independence in any way.

cooler – $10 – $1500

thermos cooler metal body at outside

Yep. Happy Fourth of July, everyone!

(Thanks for the post, JH!)

YSaC, Vol. 1775: Who’s a blurry dog? YOU’RE a blurry dog!

2014 October 29

wanted foam to keep sound out

we cant use foam from couch. we can use any other foam sheets, rolls . I need 2in x37 in x 41in . its for a window. my dog is afraid of the rain

If only there were some way to acquire products besides simply posting about your needs to Craigslist. Can you imagine the magical, fantasy world we would be living in if there were some kind of place you could go to get things? Actually, there’s so many different kinds of things, that in this hypothetical utopia, we might want to divide these thing-acquiring-places into categories. There’d be a home-thing-acquiring-place, a food-thing-acquiring-place, and maybe even a thing-acquiring-place devoted entirely to different types of popcorn!

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

But since we don’t have that, I suppose the next best thing would be if someone worked out some way to create some sort of internet-virtual-thing-acquiring-place. It would be like the real thing-acquiring-places, but you just wouldn’t be able to poke the things until they arrived at your home.

We should probably think of a better name than “thing-acquiring-place,” as awesome as that would be in German.

Maybe the dog could help.

Thanks for the post, Lace!

YSaC, Vol. 1774: Howdy, Tex!

2014 October 27

Trade iPhone 4. 32g

I have. iPhone 4 32 g color Black. Facture unlock I. Like to trade. For iPad. 2. Or. 3 Tex me.

You Tex. Me Ostrimu. You like trade? Me like trade too!

One question. What “Facture”?

Thanks for post, sd!

YSaC, Vol. 1773: Technical Foul

2014 October 24

We’ve had plenty of posts from people looking to get something for nothing. It’s sort of a cliche that musicians get asked to play “for the exposure,” which as far as I can tell means that since they’re not getting paid, they’re likely to die of exposure.

Here’s someone looking for a free photographer, although what they really seem to need is someone with a few extra periods and commas:

Let’s create some art

Hey everyone I’m Jimmy 21 year old male model for the past year I’ve been lucky enough to work with some amazing photographers allot of which I’ve met on CL so recently I’ve been slacking and I have not been producing new work so let’s fix that I have a few girl friends who have been asking me to shoot with them I’m looking for photographers who willing to shoot edgy provocative semi-nude work I’ve done full nude but I’m not too sure if the girls are willing to do nudes I’m sure some of them are all of these shoot would be individual maybe a group I have a few idea and we are also ready to help you execute any of your ideas this is a TF so no money would be made from these pictures let me know if you’re interested and I’ll send you pics of myself and of some of the girls thanks

This is a TF. What is a TF, you ask? I have no idea. I tried looking it up, and here’s the first two dozen or so matches:

  • Transformers (toy)
  • Transformation
  • Track & Field
  • Transferrin
  • Transmission Fluid (automotive)
  • Transflash Memory Card (mobile device)
  • Tooth Fairy
  • Turbofan
  • Trotteur Francais (France)
  • True Friends
  • Trap Flag
  • Too Funny
  • Trigger Finger (stenosing tendovaginitis)
  • Tuition Fee
  • Two Fluid
  • Testicular Feminization (reproductive pathology)
  • Trace Flag
  • Transmission Factor (radiation exposure)
  • Transit Facility
  • Tranche Ferme (Marchés Publics)
  • Terminal File
  • Transient Fault
  • Terminal Forecast
  • Type of Funds (USACE)
  • Thomas-Fermi Approximation

None of these make any sense, of course, but I really hope it’s not the Tooth Fairy. Thanks for the post, Mike!

YSaC, Vol. 1772: No weirdos.

2014 October 22

Hey gentlemen! Are you looking for that special lady? Well, keep looking, because I doubt you can meet THESE high standards:

Seeking a prince with valor and loyalty – 35

35/F, Christian, does not fornicate. Looking for man who does not have sex unless he is in love, married, or someone who is a virgin. NO SEXUAL HOOKUPS. NO HOOKUPS AT ALL.
Looking for a friend. Semi-attractive, used to be more attractive female, need to work on myself, get in shape. Not a relationship based on looks or lust. Real friendship and connection, best friend, loyal, honest, non-sexual relationship. Friends, then maybe romance later. NO HOOKUPS, NO SEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS. Contact me if you are a Christian, celibate, looking for something real, no booty calls, no lustful relationships. Please do not send any sexy photos or half-naked photos. Please do not reply and send me any photos. Only reply if looking for a long term relationship, a serious friendship, a soul mate. Do not reply if you do casual hookups, date more than one person at a time to try to weed out those you don’t like, if you date a few or several girls at once and are intimate with more than one person during that time period, if you have casual sex, if you do oral sex, if you have one night stands, if you go out to bars and try to pick up women, if you lust after women, if you watch porno, if you love breasts or love vaginas and desire to get lucky and score, if you rack up the notches on your bedpost, if you think that sex is a commodity, if you think that lustful sex is not immoral, if you think cheating is not immoral, if you care more about the physical looks of someone than who they are as a person, if you do not desire a personal connection built on trust and loyalty. If you are the type who is commitment-phobic, afraid of love, run away if a girl says she loves you, if you reject women after you sleep with them, please don’t e-mail me. If you are interested in being with someone, anyone because you desire to touch someone, but it’s just for here and now, don’t contact me. Don’t contact me if you think that women are like 31 flavors. Don’t contact me unless you value one person, monogamy, and unless you can cherish a person and don’t want anyone else. Don’t contact me if you want a physical relationship. If you try to wait to have sex until you find someone you love and/or you will marry, then contact me. If you believe in fornicating with anyone and it’s not a sin, don’t contact me.

So none of those things are OK. On the other hand, run-on sentences seem to be just fine. I think if we can find her a nice coma patient, she’ll be in good shape. Otherwise… good luck there, Sparkette.

Thanks for the post, Mike!

YSaC, Vol. 1771: The Grand Cherokee of the Beast!

2014 October 20

1997 jeep – $666

1997 jeep grand cherokee odometer: 200000 automatic transmission title : clean
Jeep grand Cherokee 200,000 miles runs good .4×4..believe it may need a trans? Really Clean in side and out good tires remote start ….really looking to trade for something cool thanks….really want a project car or truck

This one was sent in by sd, who points out that if the only picture you have of your vehicle is one where it’s strapped to a trailer AND you think it needs a transmission…

You may not need to go to Craigslist to find a “project car.”

Thanks, sd!