YSaC, Vol. 1692: Have Mercy, Seat.

2014 April 18

Free Bench Seat out of 1977 Ford F-250

I know it looks gross but with an attempt at cleaning and a seat cover, it’ll work. I’m sure it would work great next summer in the back of your truck, or even now during hunting season in that regular cab pickup. Its been sitting outside in the crappy weather the past few days. You can’t be too picky for free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, did Sparky here mean that it’s not possible to be too picky for free, or that you shouldn’t be too picky for free? The choice presents an interesting semantic contrast, which I shall consider while I nuke this abomination from orbit.

(Thanks David!)

YSaC, Vol. 1691: Gonna break that rusty cage and run

2014 April 16
by dan

dog cage – 3 sided (missing one side)

Have a pet/dog cage that has three walls. Works well if you have a wall to slide it up against. I will not hold this item, I have tried that too many times just to have no one show up. If you are interested, call me and I will give you directions to my house. The first one to show up gets it. thx

If it’s a full cage, shouldn’t it have six sides? Even if you give Sparky here that one, and allow that it should have four sides and a top, I’m still a bit suspicious of that thing.  It looks more like a live catch trap than a cage.  Does Sparky have a pet opossum?  Or, based on the scorch marks, a baby dragon?

Thanks for the post, Jason!

YSaC, Vol. 1690: Driver, follow that dirigible!

2014 April 14

This was posted on a Craigslist somewhere in the United States. Of America.

Looking for a Ride to Germany (Guilford College > Munich)

Hey Folks,
My friend Emma is studying abroad in Germany, and I’d like to see her over Thanksgiving break, so if you’re heading that way, please give me a rang (###-###-####). I don’t smoke, I enjoy most music, and I can help with the driving (or co-piloting).
Thanks for looking to carpool,

Absolutely! Let’s do this. You may have your choice of travel options:

1. Trebuchet
2. Motorcycle and large ramp.
3. Really big rubber band stretched between two trees.
4. Trampoline

Of course, all of these are provided by the ACME corporation, so they may be of dubious reliability. On the other hand ACME is known for extremely prompt shipping.

Thanks to Sally, who sent this in in 2009, with our apologies for only just now getting around to using it.

YSaC, Vol. 1689: Next up, woozles.

2014 April 11

3 Elephant/glass top/waterfall/end table!!! – $100

Three Elephant/glass top/water fall / picture of several Elephant’s / two wall mantel’s holding Elephant’s !!! $100.00
Black Bear Glass top end table !!!! $75.00
$150.00 for both !!!
Sorry! Have no picture’s!!!

As Sarah said when she submitted this!!!:
You absolutely cannot post an ad like this!!!
With no pics!!!

Any of our readers with artistic talent care to take a stab at what any of these would look like!!!? Especially the first one?!?

Thanks for the post, Sarah!!@$&&&

(Hmm, it looks like I’ve gone from “too excited” to “swearing like a sailor.”)

YSaC, Vol. 1688: W-O-L, that spells Owl

2014 April 9
by dan

Retro knitted Owl wall hanging antique – $10

Retro knitted Owl wall hanging. This is at least 30 years old and in fantastic condition! It will make a great addition to your wall!

This will make a great addition to my wall in the sense that if I am building a wall, and I drop this into the cement mixer so that it becomes physically embedded deep in the wall where I never have to see it again, that would be great.

Thanks for the post, Debra

YSaC, Vol. 1687: Ewe such ate Crags Lice

2014 April 7

eluhgant anteek taybull seht – $500 (phort #####)

awl glas taybull wif siks holsterd chares, wil ad klass too sum homz, 500 ore bess ofur

Sparkay hire mey thank thee arr bee ink phony, butte eye thank thee arr joust traying two heart.

Thangs four sinning thighs inn, Karen!