YSaC: Not dark, but not exactly light either.

2012 January 18
by drmk

You Suck at Craigslist is participating in the internet “blackout” today in protest of SOPA/PIPA, and there will not be a new post. Instead, here are some resources to help you learn about SOPA/PIPA, or to take action against it:

President Obama has said that he will not sign SOPA should it make it to his desk, but it needs to be made clear that SOPA/PIPA as they are drafted cannot simply be revised until acceptable. The most recent word from the bill’s sponsor is that they’re just going to keep editing the current version in an attempt to get it passed.

It’s not just about preventing the torrenting of movies or downloading music illegally: SOPA and PIPA would have unintended consequences that would change the Internet forever, and would place too much power in the hands of corporations.

Don’t take our word for it: we’re a llama and an ostrich/emu-like thing that run a parody site on the internet. Instead of listening to the words of anonymous members of the Camelus and Struthio genera, please take a moment to read the materials above, or those that will hopefully be provided by other websites participating in the “blackout,” like Wikipedia, Craigslist, and Reddit, and others participating in their own way like Google and the Daily Kos. Make up your own mind, and then contact your CongressCritter and/or your Senator and let them know if you oppose SOPA/PIPA.

Or, if you support it, let them know that instead. With the principle of free speech, people should be able to say what they believe, right?

Even on the internet.


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