2008 December 22

Part time tramp looking for fun – w4m

Well I just thought I’d check out this site. I’m an animal lover, I ike cats. I have a great relationship with my family and that’s important to me. I enjoy softball, touch football, bowling, & riding my mountain bike. I also like concerts, museums, movies, and trying out new restaurants. I’m looking for someone who enjoys life and loves travel and adventure. I workout and appreciate someone who takes care of their body. Someone who is intelligent and caring is at the top of my list–and a great kisser is just icing on the cake.Anyway I’m not really good at this stuff if you want to know more just shoot me and email.

BF sends this one along, pointing out that it is (mostly) fine for a personal ad, except that it was posted in “Casual Encounters”.

“I might be wrong,” he says, “but people who are looking in ‘casual encounters’ probably don’t care that you ‘ike cats’, care about your family, or like concerts, museums, movies, and trying out new restaurants.”

Also, he’s wondering about the “part time tramp” thing. “What is she the rest of the time?” he wonders. I think it’s perfectly clear …

I’ve always thought that that movie was a metaphor for the dualism of human nature. Oh wait, sorry, I meant Weekend at Bernie’s II.

Anyway, BF also wonders about the last sentence; she admits that she’s not really good at this, but is it really necessary to shoot her first and then email her?

Thanks for the submission, BF!

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  1. 2009 March 25

    Well yeah, but it’s easy to mispost. Isn’t it?

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