2009 January 17

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so I thought I’d provide a little public service and point you towards a lovely Valentine’s Day gift opportunity. No need to say thanks … I’m a giver like that.

“My Cup Run It Over” I Love You – $3

Need a quick Valentine’s gift? I am making goodies for Valentine’s Day. Take a peek and let me know if you’re interested in ordering anything. Great gifts for kids, teachers or that special someone.

Valentine cup filled with Hershey Kisses and special note. “Colors Pink & Red”

Please call Dale at xxx/xxx-xxxx.


Yes, the tags actually say, “My Cup Run It Over”. With the quotation marks. It’s just too painful.

I’m hoping my comments will runneth over with snark. Take it away, folks!

Submitted by DM — thanks!

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  1. 2009 January 17
    Kris permalink

    “Great gifts for kids, teachers…” Really?

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  2. 2009 January 17
    jeannie permalink

    I want one. Really. To take to my “friends.”

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  3. 2009 January 17
    Courtney permalink

    OK, if I’m thinking about Valentine’s Day a month in advance, I don’t need a “quick” gift – and if I really, really, really want to give my beloved a cup filled with kisses, I can put it together myself. That is, of course, if I would actually like to be single instead. Good grief.
    Sad thing is that you know s/he’s just soooooooo proud of him/herself for thinking up this great way to make money. *shaking head*

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  4. 2009 January 17
    Cheryl permalink

    Why would you run over anyone else’s cup when you could run over MINE? Pick me, dang it! Pick me! I LOVE you!

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  5. 2009 January 17
    D / DM permalink

    I think she meant “quick” as in “a gift you don’t have to really think about for a person you don’t really care about.”

    What scared me about this listing is that someone is going to actually buy these from her, thinking they are sweet, and give them to someone who also has no idea.

    I also wondered what, exactly, these cups run over…

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  6. 2009 January 17
    candace permalink

    At least it doesn’t say “My love run it over”…though that might be a great gift to send to an ex, lol.

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  7. 2009 January 18
    Jane Lane permalink

    I remember last year when I told my bf “Happy VD!” ..and then he broke up with me. Needless to say, I still think its hilarious.

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  8. 2009 January 18
    D / DM permalink

    @Jane Lane:

    This might be a sore subject, but it sounds like you got a dishonorable discharge.

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  9. 2009 January 18

    I’m with Courtney on this – I can’t see why I would take the time to call “Dale” go and pick it up when, in the same amount of time, I could make one myself with products from a dollar store and the local 7-11.

    What a lame, lame gift. Sounds like something you get at one of the Christmas gift exchange/swap things and leave very disappointed.

    Also perhaps title was meant to be: “My love. Run it Over”…?

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  10. 2009 January 19
    TastyPrawn permalink

    I like how “Colors Pink & Red” is in quotation marks in the listing. Is that slang for something?

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  11. 2009 January 19
    Rebecca permalink

    Indeed TastyPrawn. I wonder if it means JUST KIDDING, they are actually…green and orange.

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  12. 2009 January 20

    I love how Dale’s going to write a “special note” and put it in my cup for me. I wonder if the note is what says “Colors Pink & Red”?

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  13. 2009 January 22
    amy d permalink

    I think the quote, “my cup run it over” represents what will happen if you give this gift to a loved one.

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  14. 2009 January 22
    drmk permalink

    amy d: agreed; it’s just missing a semicolon!

    “My cup; run it over.”

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  15. 2009 May 28
    Brad permalink

    Glad to see I can still get a quick V-day present! I actually bought a beautiful glass figurine well ahead of time, but I left it on the kitchen table and my cup run it over.

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  16. 2010 July 29
    Wendy permalink

    This person should be saying “My brain – run it over! I’m too stupid to properly use the English language!”

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  17. 2013 January 27
    Wil permalink

    My god he’s clever.

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