YSaC, Vol. 1650: A God-Fairing Gentleman

2014 January 10

lower fairings – $567

selling my lower fairings off my.

Um. What? At this point, we don’t even know what KIND of vehicle these fairings fit on, let alone the make and model. We don’t even know that these are FOR a vehicle – for all we know this person bought some fairings for their CAT. And the ad never returns to this issue.

And yet Sparky knows exactly how much they want for them, to an odd level of precision.

i like these vents better than the factory vents because they dont open and close on you while going down the road.

WHICH vents? The vents in the fairings you’re selling? In that case, why are you selling them? Or are you selling the factory vents? In which case why are you telling us why you don’t like them? Or is this comment completely unrelated to the fact that you are selling these mystery fairings?

will trade for a crossbow

Sparky, at this point I wouldn’t trust you with a dried pea and a straw. No, you may not haz a crossbow.

Thanks for this… whatever it is, K!

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  1. 2014 January 10
    CapnMac permalink

    In context, I’ll wager these are motorcycle fairings (since they are oft vended in upper & lower combinations). Also, because such fairings often include venting of complexity from the sublime to the Rube Goldberg (all to be able to direct air upon the rider’s knees, to varying end-results).

    Further, I strongly suspect that sparkiimath is much in evidence here, as Spark’ wants to trade a $150-200 used fairing set for a $500-750 crossbow.

    Hmm, now I want to go see how much a replica Italianate arbalast goes for, just to see if such, and a shiny object, would hold Spark’s attention long enough to not notice that the string does not go “spoing!” But, then, I’d be saddled with a used set of Metric-only fairings for a 1979 Famaguchi 228cc that was discontinued by it’s North Korean factory for safety reasons.

    Adores: 2
  2. 2014 January 10
    kelli permalink

    I want a crossbow, but I have no fairings. I wonder if anyone would trade for some unfairings.

    Adores: 9
    • 2014 January 10
      Grumpy Grammy permalink

      C’mon Kelli; that just wouldn’t be fair.

      Adores: 3
  3. 2014 January 10
    MissMommyNiceNice permalink

    The lower the fairings
    The worse my bearings
    On the open road
    They don’t open and close
    To my redneck abode
    A deer camp of tents
    I desire some crossbows
    And you’ll acquire these vents

    Adores: 5
    • 2014 January 10

      The lower the fairings,
      The better your bearings.
      That’s what I said.
      And everyone’s hopin’
      The vents won’t come open.
      Or so I have read.

      I will trade them for a big ol’ crossbow
      Or five-sixty-seven, just so you know.

      Craigslist ad, Craigslist ad,
      Talk about sales skills; mine are so bad.
      Craigslist ad drives me out of my mind.
      Let’s leave this whole post behind.

      Adores: 6
  4. 2014 January 10
    MissMommyNiceNice permalink

    Darryl Dixon learns how to use craigslist.

    Adores: 2
  5. 2014 January 10
    zoe permalink

    Sparky is an orc who swapped out the subset of fairies that come standard on steeds with ones from the Mordor’s (Black) Market in hopes of attracting a female. Didn’t work so he’s switching to Plan B in his quest for getting a mate. Hence the wanting to trade for a crossbow.

    Adores: 2
  6. 2014 January 10

    My friend and I go fairing all the time. We dress up in pseudo-medieval clothing and walk around and look at all the different tents. One time we even got to fire a crossbow.

    Adores: 7
    • 2014 January 10
      nojazzhere permalink

      NO! Sparky…you may NOT trade for a crossbow!!!!!….you’ll put your eye out!

      Adores: 7
      • 2014 January 10
        Irregular Fractal permalink

        Step 1: Come bearing crossbow, convince Sparky to lick a flagpole in this weather.
        Step 2: Leave with crossbow, fairings, and a sense that you’ve done something meaningful for society that day.
        Step 3: Profit.

        Adores: 5
        • 2014 January 10

          Hemmm! Hemmm! By tunn sss suck oo a faaapool!

          Adores: 2
      • 2014 January 10
        Grumpy Grammy permalink

        It’s always fun ’til somebody loses an eye.

        Adores: 3
  7. 2014 January 10

    zoe and annonymous, you are heereby requested and required to vacate the box pronto. Punchity Punch Punch!

    Good Morning, Wayfairings!

    Adores: 0
  8. 2014 January 10

    TC, I’d like to point out that making a horrible pun has landed you in the box. Let that be a lesson to everyone. The worse the pun, the more we like it!

    Adores: 3
  9. 2014 January 10

    There’s always the possibility (remote, I’ll admit) that these are Cornish fairings, a type of ginger biscuit, or even the more traditional meaning of fairing – any edible treat sold at a fair. But if Sparky wants to swap them for a crossbow, it’s going to cost a lot of biscuits.

    Adores: 2
    • 2014 January 10
      CapnMac permalink

      I can see that, once I mentally erase the image of Lower Fairings being some sort of bed-sit community in Shropshire just on the other side of the A13e2.1 from Wainscoting.

      Adores: 2
      • 2014 January 10

        Is that Upper Wainscoting, Nether Wainscoting, Wainscoting St Michael or Wainscoting All Saints?

        Adores: 2
        • 2014 January 10

          *checks map* Yes.

          Adores: 2
        • 2014 January 10
          CapnMac permalink

          Wainscoting wi’ nae sheep ‘oles in the skirting-board, please.

          And certainly not that Scotswane in Cymru, either.

          Adores: 1
  10. 2014 January 10
    MissMommyNiceNice permalink

    Maybe sparky’s really freezing his lower fairings off? Polar vortex and all.

    Adores: 3
  11. 2014 January 10
    Ralph permalink

    The problem with fairings that open and close on you while going down the road is that your hovercraft gets full of eels.

    Fair is foul, and foul is fair:
    Hover through the fog and filthy air.

    Adores: 4
  12. 2014 January 10
    Meg permalink

    Hey Sparks,
    I got your crossbow right here.*
    Now go stand in that field and hold this 🙂 on your chest whilst I demonstrate its use.

    *still can’t embed links, I haz a stupid.

    Adores: 3
  13. 2014 January 10
    Katimomkat permalink

    There once was a Sparky with fairings,
    Off of what, he has not been sharing.
    For a crossbow he’ll trade,
    What the factory hath made.
    But the cat wants to trade them for herrings.

    Adores: 2

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