YSaC, Vol. 1739: SIX sequels? Really?

2014 August 6

radio alarm saw – $250

work good contractor saw.

or best offer


“Honey, it’s too early. Just hit snooze, OK?”
*arm reaches out from under the covers and…

Well, you can fill in the rest.

Thanks for the horror, Ron!

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  1. 2014 August 6

    Isn’t this IF’s Strawberry Alarm Clock/horrorcore mashup band?

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    • 2014 August 6
      One Moving Violation permalink

      No, what you need is an ’80s band saw.

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  2. 2014 August 6
    HamCan permalink

    radio alarm I saw – $250


    work good, contractor saw I did.

    or best offer, Yes, hmmm.

    Contact Yoda you will.

    There, fixed it!

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  3. 2014 August 6
    One Moving Violation permalink

    I think I might get that. But first I’ll have to do some chores. I have to cut up that log out back with my BigCollumn Change saw. Then I gotta split it with my Bubbleheaded acks. then I’ll need to stack it with the rest of my Fir Word in my Word Shed.


    *wakes up*

    Huh? Whaa? Oh sorry, you caught me sawing logs. I should get me a radio alarm thingy.

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  4. 2014 August 6
    Brer Fox permalink

    I saw a good contractor work but I only heard a radio alarm.

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  5. 2014 August 6
    Windrose permalink

    My goal for August is to update the box 3 times per week. I’ll just set my radio alarm saw to help with that. Hammy, LL, meshybee, congratulations on being the last group in the box. Unless, you know, I get all busy and stuff again. Punchity Punch Punch.

    Huh. Good thing I hit the snooze alarm on the saw.

    Good Morning, Work Good Contractors!

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  6. 2014 August 6
    Windrose permalink

    This just in:


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  7. 2014 August 6
    CapnMac permalink

    What Spark’ is referring to is a “radial arm saw.”
    The saw slides along an arm fixed to a central pivot. So the arm describes a radius, hence the name. In the trades, this type of saw has largely been replaced by the sliding chop/miter saw.
    The ‘advantage’ a RAS has over a chop saw is that you can install dado blades in the former.

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    • 2014 August 6
      Windrose permalink

      *blink. blink*

      That’s just what I was going to say.

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  8. 2014 August 6
    Ralph permalink

    These are handy for wood-frame airplane construction. You take a stack of wood, cut it, and pilot in the clockpit. Maybe the radio alarm warns of mistles.

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  9. 2014 August 6
    Demon Duck of Doom permalink

    The only way this could be a better wake-up system is if it flew around the room.

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    • 2014 August 6
      Meg permalink

      So then, which system is better for the morning wood?

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  10. 2014 August 6
    SilvaNoir permalink

    Radio alarm saw! Saw run, saw hide under bed! Bad radio! *hiss*

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