YSaC, Vol. 1791: Was the immortal guy also Shakespeare? Because then we’d really have something.

2014 December 5

Reply,Reply,Me,Me,Me,Me Brilliant – m4w

I love Shakespeare’s Sonnet 62, and in it’s irony, the poet’s partner has become part of the poet’s self and hence by praising himself he is in fact praising his beloved who is the source of beauty in the poet’s life.

The person whom sent me this response. It is a honor to run into someone ,whom is even aware with Shakespeare!I am very impressed that you are out there,hoping that you have secured a viable minds to share your views,and opinions,certainty there must be a man who appreciates cultivation in a woman. I like the Dark Knight have elected to not seek out brilliance,knowledge,or wisdom;inside of s society primarily inspired by social cues. Only a few walk amongst us worthy enough to know the meditations of Marcus A.Not many even have a interested in poetry these days,rarely is one heard in public reciting it openly with passion. Nevermore,Nevermore, my poetic mystery lady,you definitely have revealed that “I am not Alone”/ May i suggest a movie which you might find extremely interesting, produced for philosophical minds like yourself. On a cold night in a remote cabin, Professor John Oldman (David Lee Smith of CSI: MIAMI) gathers his most trusted colleagues for an extraordinary announcement: He is an immortal who has migrated through 140 centuries of evolution and must now move on. he name of the movie is the”The Man from Earth”.

I think these two lovebirds are made for each other. I mean, the poetic mystery lady who sent the response about Shakespeare’s Sonnet 62 clearly loves poetry enough to plagiarize an interpretation from a bizarre and questionable internet source, and our Dark Knight (minus brilliance, knowledge, or wisdom) has plagiarized the description of the movie he is so intent on having our heroine watch.

So let’s see: woman responds saying she’s very fond of a sonnet that is apparently a justification for narcissism, and man responds favorably with a reference to a movie about an immortal man who reveals that he himself was Jesus. (Oh, sorry, spoiler alert.)

Yup, I think these two crazy kids just might make it.

Thanks, Beth P.!

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  1. 2014 December 5
    One Moving Violation permalink


    Wasn’t that Cameron Poe?

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  2. 2014 December 5
    HamCan permalink

    cultivation in a woman

    I’ve plowed a few fields in my day too.

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  3. 2014 December 5

    All the bullshit artists,
    They’re posting Craigslist ads.
    All the bullshit artists,
    Their spelling makes me sad.

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    • 2014 December 6
      nojazzhere permalink

      You know what makes me sad?….just about everything these days…..

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  4. 2014 December 5
    Capn Mac permalink

    What Light is that Yonder, Is it the East?
    Alas, poor Horatio, it is a train.
    Gaze, quick dear fellow for we will anon
    Join Yorrick in boneyard’s gore
    And no CSI (guest starring Jason A) e’er
    Know the spans of our febrile imaginings
    For we are to sleep, to sleep perchance to dream
    Perhaps of Elenore ever more, ever more.

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  5. 2014 December 5
    Ralph permalink

    I like the Dark Knight too. I also like proper spelling and punctuation.

    With certainty, a viable minds is never secure. Especially whom is even aware with Shakespeare, who is no longer inside of s. Alas, poor Sparky. This is not a cultivated woman; this is a literary ho faking an organism.

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  6. 2014 December 5
    Meg permalink

    The lady doth reply too much, methinks.

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  7. 2014 December 5

    he name of the movie is the”The Man from Earth”.

    Does it have a she name, as well? I thought they usually come in pairs.

    Who left this suggestive chew toy in the corner?

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  8. 2014 December 5
    SilvaNoir permalink

    Me Brilliant

    You Tarzan!

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  9. 2014 December 6
    One Moving Violation permalink

    … and out steps the man from Earth.
    with Shakespeare’s head, quotes Poe instead.
    And now we see the man from Earth
    and we get to snark for all it’s worth.

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  10. 2015 March 3

    Nothing is more amusing to Sparky and I than those whom attempt to dress up their diction with contrived and misapplied rules of blackboard grammar.


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