YSaC, Vol. 258: It’s no Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwich …

2009 April 2
by drmk

This was posted in “general”. I suppose it’s because Craigslist doesn’t have a section for “miracles and revelations”.

GOD MAKING ADAM… – $500000



CALLS ONLY TO xxx-xxx-xxxx

Um. I think we’ve found the seventh wonder of the stupid world.

Actually, it’s probably the sixth wonder. The seventh wonder will be that someone will probably buy this from him.

*goes off to smash some water pipes*

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  1. 2009 April 2

    The thing on the left looks like “Kilroy was here.”

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  2. 2009 April 2
    Daniel permalink

    Pffff that’s not God, thats a manifestation of the ghost of Michaelangelo, from a ceiling…

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  3. 2009 April 2
    Mandee permalink

    I have never been good at seeing these things. I just don’t see it. 🙁 I’m sad.

    How come images never show up to sane people though?

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    • 2009 April 2
      Courtney permalink

      I think if you just let your eyes unfocus, you’ll at least see a sailboat or a space ship!

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  4. 2009 April 2
    PrincessLuceval permalink

    Mandee, maybe it’s because you don’t have “brokern” water pipes?

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  5. 2009 April 2
    dogface permalink

    I see a giant erection by a Bob Ross style happy little bush

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    • 2009 April 2
      drmk permalink

      I saw the happy little bush! (But not the other thing.) I thought that reference might be a bit obscure though. (Not that I’ve never made any obscure references before … )

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      • 2009 April 2
        dogface permalink

        Well, they made fun of Bob Ross on Family Guy (before I stopped watching it) and on Mission Hill (which I think is probably way more obscure than Bob Ross), so I’m guessing that it’s fairly common. But I can’t help but watch Bob Ross all bug-eyed and slack-jawed when they show him on PBS; there’s something magically hypnotic about him painting his hackneyed landscapes.

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        • 2009 April 2
          Amaia permalink

          I totally saw the giant erection. But I guess that’s where my mind goes. Oh, and I LOVE Bob Ross. He is magically hypnotic. Not sure I want to think about those two things together, however.

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      • 2009 April 3

        I think the the absurd nature of Bob Ross and his “happy little trees” is such a classic that it’s always an appropriate reference.
        Then again, i grew up watching him when he was alive, so maybe he’s not relevant to a young audience.

        And i see a giant profile of a head about to eat the happy little bush. Maybe that is how god made Adam.

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  6. 2009 April 2
    Olson permalink

    the thing on the right looked like a side view of a butt and the right side looks like a puff of gas….so to me it looks like someone passing gas….

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  7. 2009 April 2

    It’s a decent picture. It’s worth $5.

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  8. 2009 April 2

    I’m /really/ good at seeing this sort of thing and I don’t see it.

    Personally I think BVM sightings in toast, trees, on grain silos, etc. are pretty cool. It’s a way of seeing the sacred in everything without spending money on some bogus ‘vision quest’ to learn the sacred is in everything.

    Spending any money to buy such things, though, is even stupider.

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  9. 2009 April 2

    i like how the starting bid COULD BE highest bidder. my guess that will be .01$

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  10. 2009 April 13
    Vanessa permalink

    Pareidolia is a profitable enterprise it seems.

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  11. 2009 May 13
    TacocaT permalink

    It looks like a profile of Rocky from the movie Mask.

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  12. 2009 July 17
    bob permalink

    I offered $650,000, but a collector from Dubai paid $1,000,000

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  13. 2009 September 16
    Loreli permalink

    Ok, I kinda see it but it looks more like a hobo watching a nuclear explosion

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  14. 2009 December 5
    Karmyn permalink

    I once had a water stain on my bedroom ceiling that looked just like Jon Arbuckle from the Garfield comic strip. Maybe I should have tried to sell that on craigslist or ebay before the house was torn down. Also had a stain that looked like a giant big toe.

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