2008 October 10
by drmk

This one’s below a cut because the ad is long.

Morton’s Steak and Seafood dinner for 2 for $99 Certificate – $2


Steak and Seafood dinner for 2 for $99

This offer includes:

Two Single Cut Filets

Choice of Two:
Colossal Shrimp Alexander, Jumbo Lump Crab Cake or Broiled Sea Scallops

Choice of Two
Caesar Salad or Morton’s Salad

One Morton’s Signature Potato

One Fresh Vegetable to share

Choice of Two:
Morton’s Legendary Hot Chocolate Cake or Key Lime Pie

Compliment this meal with a bottle of (this is not included in the $99. Price is $33 extra)
2007 Kenwood Sauvignon Blanc, Sonoma Country
2006 “A” by Acacia Pinot Noir, California
$33 per bottle
Wine offering not available in San Juan. Due to state liquor laws in TN, TX and PA price per bottle is $39.


What am I getting? – Printed instructions showing you how to get the certificate. It comes directly from Morton’s and it will only take a couple minutes to print.

Once you have the information, you can share it with friends and family!

Offer is valid through November 28, 2008

Purchase – You’ll receive an email immediately after payment. The email will contain a link to the instructions

Click the button below to purchase:

Offer is valid at the locations below.

(list snipped for brevity’s sake)

When you click on the “Buy Now” button, the link shows up as a web pay site called payloadz.com, which promotes itself as allowing you to “sell files and downloads with Paypal”.

It then redirects to Paypal, where you can pay this guy $2 to email you the website address, available to the general public, where you can fill out a form and then print out this Morton’s certificate.

Charging for freely available information = slimy. Very slimy.

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  1. 2008 October 11

    hmm. very slimy. food sounds good though. lol

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  2. 2008 October 11
    drmk permalink

    Sure does! Just don’t pay that guy $2 for the certificate. (It’s my understanding that’s a pretty good deal for Morton’s.)

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  3. 2008 October 12
    helen permalink

    I wonder if the certificate was already expired at the time of the ad…

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  4. 2008 October 12
    drmk permalink

    Helen, good catch! I’d found two links, and one was valid through November 28th, 2008, so it is a valid current promotion. I’ll see if I can find the current link again.

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  5. 2008 October 12
    drmk permalink

    I’ve updated the post with the current link. If anyone actually decides to use it, you owe me $2! 😉

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  6. 2009 August 31
    DaddyPro permalink

    How come we gotta share a fking potato after spending $99??

    Adores: 4
    • 2009 September 6
      Alex permalink

      It’s a huge-ass potato. I went there a couple of years ago, and I believe at the time they were charging $9 for the potato. We split one.

      Adores: 1

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