YSaC, Vol. XCI

2008 October 20
by drmk

I need a pelm pilot, treo, i phone, sidekick, etc. nE W COOL pHON

IM looking for a new phone ATandT compatatable Cell phone…
And I will create a Logo and a Simple BUT PROFESSIONal 2 PAGE WEBSITE for you…
cALL ME AT xxx. xxx. xxxx

The mind boggles at what this person’s PROFESSIONal two page website would look like, since it aPPEARS as tHOUGH hIS CApS LOcK BUTTOn HaS a RaNDom ToGGLE on it.

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  1. 2009 July 26
    zombie permalink

    The letters O and A!! The Caps Lock turns on and off at…

    well, maybe not.

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  2. 2010 February 11
    Alan permalink

    What’s a pelm pilot?

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    • 2010 February 17

      I believe a “pelm pilot” is a native from Pelm that routinely manufactures and produces his own aircraft from the over-abundance of palm trees found in the area. These aircraft typically use the power source from a cellular communication device, but are notoriously unreliable outside of their “area” of Pelm. They are, however, eco-friendly and frequently contracted by simple minded folk looking to make a professional impression upon the interweb conglomerations in Pelm and surrounding countries.

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