2008 November 26

Eddie Murphy Thousand Words Movie Primeir – $25

I Have Tickets Good For 2 People For The New Eddie Murphy Movie “Thousand Words”. The Primier Starts 2night at 6:30… Let Me Know If Your Interested. Thanks

I’m guessing this person only knows about a thousand words, and “premiere”, “tonight” and “you’re” are apparently not included in that total.

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  1. 2008 November 26

    Also, what’s with capitalizing each word? ThAt’S aLmOsT aS aNnOyInG aS pEoPlE wHo CaPiTaLiZe EvErY OtHeR lEtTeR. God that’s hard to do.

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  2. 2008 December 7
    drdoctormd permalink

    Great! I been looking for a primier on Eddie Murphy. Eddie Murphy For Dummies left out the Buckwheat yrs.

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  3. 2009 January 7

    I Would Go But I Just Got “Little Man” On DDVD and Im Staying In To Wathc That Oen. U Cant Beat This Price And Sure 2 Be A Good Movie Good 4 Dates Or Just To C With Ur Friedns.

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  4. 2009 September 21
    Kat permalink

    This movie doesn’t even exist yet…

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