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2014 April 11

3 Elephant/glass top/waterfall/end table!!! – $100

Three Elephant/glass top/water fall / picture of several Elephant’s / two wall mantel’s holding Elephant’s !!! $100.00
Black Bear Glass top end table !!!! $75.00
$150.00 for both !!!
Sorry! Have no picture’s!!!

As Sarah said when she submitted this!!!:
You absolutely cannot post an ad like this!!!
With no pics!!!

Any of our readers with artistic talent care to take a stab at what any of these would look like!!!? Especially the first one?!?

Thanks for the post, Sarah!!@$&&&

(Hmm, it looks like I’ve gone from “too excited” to “swearing like a sailor.”)

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  1. 2014 April 11

    Sorry! Have no camera!!! Or even camera phone!!! Spent everything on elephant kitsch!!! And a family-sized box of exclamation points!!!!

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  2. 2014 April 11
    windrose permalink

    Here we have your standard elephant being cute:


    While here we see the elephant stylized as a table leg:


    And finally, the classic elephant glass top table:


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  3. 2014 April 11
    Ralph permalink

    How they got in my pyjamas I’ll never know. Especially since this seems to be cat math with elephants.

    The Black Bear Glass top end table is easy.

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    • 2014 April 11
      nojazzhere permalink

      Let’s see…by my canipulations that’s 3 elephants +several elephants (3 or 4?) +2 elephants =8 or 9 elephants VS one black bear. I’m putting my money on the elephants. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!!!!!

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  4. 2014 April 11
    CapnMac permalink

    Hmm, a “waterfall” table usually means one where the top “rolls” over to be the leg of the table. So that it makes a sort of inverted “U” shape when viewed from the front.

    This is often done with clear acrylic rather than glass, for middling-obvious safety reasons.

    Sadly, all I can picture is a cheap knock-off waterfall table that Lil’Sparky has “decoupaged” several pictures of hefelants upon. And the end tables received a similar effect with Bars.

    Now, the other alluded-to item could go either way–either an elephant-shaped bracket to support a mantel (hence the pair); or it is elephant kitsch meant to “stand” upon a mantel or such similar shelving.

    Ugh, my Friday has an excess of Fail–most of which is in it not yet being after 1600.

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  5. 2014 April 11

    The heffalump is, so I have been told, very confusil. It has also been proven that they are “very sly.” They are extraordinary and come in every shape and size. It is quite clear from this ad that they do indeed multiply.

    “They come in ones and twosles,
    But if they so choosles,
    Before your eyes
    You’ll see them multiply!
    (Ply! Ply! Ply!)”

    The “bear” in this case, had better be wary…because they covet the honey and will “guzzle” it.

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  6. 2014 April 11
    Yancy permalink

    This person is both yelling for no reason and trying to say all of that stuff in one breath, also for no reason. But hey, !!!

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  7. 2014 April 11
    Yancy permalink

    I googled “black bear glass top end table.” The search string was changed to “black bear coffe table glass top.” The following URL shows a list of images for that search. https://www.google.com/images?hl=en&q=black+bear+coffee+table+glass+top&gbv=2&sa=X&oi=image_result_group&ei=4xBIU9uYKYLfsAS2yICQDQ&ved=0CEEQsAQ. Now that’s a massive link 😉

    From the first page of images, I found a taxidermist in Montana. Now you fine folks probably remember I hunt and have given a local taxidermist some work. But I find the following product advertised by the Montana taxidermist quite unsettling.


    Not a pillow fight I’d be interested in joining.

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  8. 2014 April 11
    Windrose permalink

    It’s very quiet today in the Snark Lounge. Maybe snarkers are afraid of attracting the attention of the heffalumps and woozles.

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    • 2014 April 11

      Should we build a trap in the lounge? Maybe WOL will help? It’s a very Pooh Bear week…it makes me very happy. Must be time for a little something…

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      • 2014 April 11
        Brer Fox permalink

        I have a little something.

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    • 2014 April 11

      Those creatures don’t scare me. Drop bears, on the other hand….

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  9. 2014 April 11
    SilvaNoir permalink

    I could draw it, but I think it’s pretty plain. They have a table with a glass top. The base is three elephants around a waterfall (most likely made out of resin). They also have pictures of elephants, and elephants sconces. They were going through an elephant collecting phase.

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  10. 2014 April 12

    The elephant table is probably covered in rhinos, and the black bear table is probably covered in panthers.

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