YSaC, Vol. 1715: Lucky, Lucky, You’re So Lucky!

2014 June 11

Looks like it’s Fine Art week here at YSaC. Here’s another Fine Art:

You Lucky Dog Painting Old VERY COOL – $50

Very Cool Old Painting “you lucky dog” painted on the frame. Paper back. nails holding picure in. Show dod reading the paper in a big chair smoling a cigar with a drink sitting next to him, how much better does it get.
PERFECT FOR THE MAN CAVE……….Will trade for ammo, mantoys, tools, harley, other cool stuff, Price is firm….so if it’s not worth the price I am not interested.

Yep. Fifty dollars. That’s a firm price. But the owner will trade, as long as you have a Harley that’s in good enough shape to be worth fifty big ones. Yep – fifty dollars worth of Harley. The only people that can drive motorcycles THAT fancy are the ones who can also afford to smol the really NICE cigars.

Thanks, Michelle!

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  1. 2014 June 11
    MissMommyNiceNice permalink

    I’m pretty sure “smoling cigars” is still illegal in at least 7 states. Hope you’re not on Alabama, sparky.

    Adores: 3
  2. 2014 June 11

    I’m Number 3.

    Yes, nice to smol you… MEET you! Nice to meet your smol!

    Don’t say smol…

    I’m gonna cut it off, chop it up, and make some guacaSMOL!!

    Adores: 8
  3. 2014 June 11

    In my imagination
    There is no hesitation;
    This thing’s worth fully fifty bucks.
    I’m dreaming
    You’ll trade man toys with me;
    I’ll get cool stuff from you.
    But dreaming’s all I do;
    If only they’d come true.

    I should be so lucky.
    Painting’s kinda sucky.
    I should be so lucky a dog.
    I should be so lucky.
    Man cave’s getting yucky.
    I should be so lucky a dog.

    Adores: 8
  4. 2014 June 11
    Ralph permalink

    The dod has his beer served in a glass on a gold tray? That son of a bitch must be a banker.

    Adores: 2
  5. 2014 June 11
    Yancy permalink

    I’ll trade you two of these for one of those.

    Adores: 1
    • 2014 June 11
      Yancy permalink

      Well, actually, I won’t. I like r/c toys more than what you call art.

      Adores: 5
  6. 2014 June 11

    how much better does it get.

    He needs a couple of skimpily dressed bitches.

    Adores: 3
  7. 2014 June 11


    Today is a very special day here at YSaC. You may have noticed the banners and the flashing lights in the Snark Lounge. Our Founding Mother, The Llama-Nun herself, is observing a natal anniversary. For she’s a jolly good ungulate, and all that!

    Adores: 10
    • 2014 June 11
      nojazzhere permalink

      Happy smol-day to you
      Happy smol-day to you
      Happy smol-day dear Llama-Nun
      Happy smol-day to you…..

      (and many more….)

      Adores: 5
    • 2014 June 11
      Meg permalink

      And many more BBUY, Llama-Nun.
      From the staff at Very Old Cool Smol.

      Adores: 2
    • 2014 June 12
      SilvaNoir permalink

      it’s past midnight, so this is late… but happy b-day! (bee day?)

      Adores: 2
  8. 2014 June 11
    HamCan permalink

    dod reading the paper

    In my experience no one and the Department of Defense can read, I call BS Sparky!

    Adores: 3
  9. 2014 June 11
    One Moving Violation permalink

    …so if it’s not worth the price I am not interested.

    With all of the inexpensive items I can find on craigslist that are actually useful and/or nifty, I’m going to have to go with yeah, it’s not worth the price so I am not interested.

    Adores: 1
  10. 2014 June 11
    Brer Fox permalink

    Smoling, smoling, over a glass of beer.
    If I was a lucky dog, I would not be here.

    Adores: 3
  11. 2014 June 11
    Brer Fox permalink

    smoling a cigar

    Is that what presidents are calling it nowadays?

    Adores: 4
  12. 2014 June 11
    Brer Fox permalink

    *looks at picture*

    at audience: I tot I taw a dod weeding a paypah.

    *looks again*

    at audience: I did! I did taw a dod weeding a paypah!
    And he’s smoling a cigar with a drink sitting next to him!

    Bad ow’ dod!

    Adores: 9
  13. 2014 June 11
    Irregular Fractal permalink

    You know it’s a fine quality piece or artwork when the art is held in the frame with NAILS.

    Adores: 4
  14. 2014 June 11
    One Moving Violation permalink

    From the Urban Dictionary:

    a mix of smiling and loling at the same time, i like to call it smoling

    shaun said to sofie: “Today, a friend and I had a discussion about dinosaurs and came to the conclusion that t-rexs were only angry and aggressive because their arms were too short to hug one another. MLIA.”
    sofie was smoling at this

    A brief acronym standing for “smile out loud.” It was designed to bring about clarity to the reaction “lol,” or “laughing out loud,” which no one actually does while reading text or chat.

    Although more accurately abbreviated as “sol,” that would just sound and look stupid; and is often misinterpretted by non-English speakers as other words, such as the sun.

    Intended to bring clarity of intention for lazy people who can not actually type their responses. It reflects a positive response, without insulting the receiver with a “lol”. Can also be used as an adjective or verb, such as smolicious, or smoling.

    E: “You are so hot and amazing.”
    B: “Smol”

    E: “You make me smol”

    E: “Your delightful cooking is smolicious!”

    E: “I am smoling just thinking about you.”


    a tattoo that is total crap and will become, if not already, more embarassing with age.

    A tattoo of Bugs Bunny trapped in a jail made of tribal prison bars with a chinese character in a thought bubble, is a smole!

    What does this have to do with a cigar?

    Adores: 1
  15. 2014 June 11

    “Mantoys”? Honestly, if you’re willing to trade for a used Fleshlight, it’s too late to be so coy about it.

    Adores: 4
  16. 2014 June 13
    Sweetbiscuit permalink

    I have a new “cool kid” abbreviation. This is so awesome.,thank you OMV. Bees be with you.

    Adores: 0

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