2008 September 18

Colsole Table – Excellent Condition – $300

Console Table. Excellent Condition. Glass and Metal, circa 1990’s. Rectangular glass top with bowed front. Has been appraised for Fair Market Value of $300.00. Moving to California. Will take best offer.

Really? $300? I don’t know what makes this better. The fact that I actually cannot see this appraised table or the fact that for $300 I am not also getting all of those freakin’ lamps you have crowding it in the picture.

Sent in by AM — thanks!

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  1. 2009 August 16
    The Opoponax permalink

    Not to mention, “appraised at $300”? Who hires an appraiser to come in and appraise furniture that is worth $300? $300 is about the price of a similar console table from Pottery Barn or Ethan Allan or any other name-brand. You call an appraiser when you think you have a priceless antique on your hands, and you advertise that it’s been appraised when the value far surpasses that of any old rinkydink mall brand. You would say your console table was appraised at $3000, maybe, but $300?

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  2. 2009 August 29

    I like that it’s “circa 1990’s”, as though crappy furniture from this vaunted epoch of history is a real catch… “C’mon! 1990s! Y’know, Nirvana, OJ, Clinton… and truly awesome, generic glass tables that look like they held magazines at a dentist’s office! Better snap this one up!”

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  3. 2009 September 15

    That’s a lot of shit of that there table. Maybe this person owns an antiques shop? You know, antiques, like from the 90s and stuff.

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  4. 2009 November 8
    Badcoladog permalink

    I’m pretty sure they are grannys ashes on the right hand side, can we get them thrown in to seal the deal?

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