YSaC, Vol. V

2008 August 20
by drmk


There’s actually nothing wrong with the listing for this one; I just wanted to say “Ow! My eyes!” In fact, I think I might start a tag for “Ow! My eyes!”.

If I were that vacuum cleaner, I’d hide from that couch too.

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  1. 2009 July 11
    Moira permalink

    In what era, I wonder, could anyone have possibly thought that was a good fabric choice? Maybe if you use it in a basement with a blacklight it becomes tolerable.

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  2. 2009 August 25
    tigprincess permalink

    WTF ? how on earth is that a love seat?

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  3. 2009 August 29

    “Hideous” is NOT synonymous with “vintage”. Neither is “old’n’crusty”.

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  4. 2010 February 28
    Windrose permalink

    No, no, I’m pretty sure in the 60s, before the drugs wore off, this was somebody’s design centerpiece. THEN it went to the basement.

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  5. 2010 July 15
    Moira permalink

    Oh, wow. I first commented here over a year ago.

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