2008 October 6
by drmk

flaggers stop/slow stick, hardhat and vest – $75

“Flagging” stick used by roadside flaggers, orange hardhat and yellow vest.
Like new. The vest is not in picture because it is at another location but will be included in the set if purchased.

One of my lifelong dreams has been to be able to go out into the street and randomly flag traffic. Now, thanks to this person who is selling government property, I can! I can make people slow down for no reason! Even better, since the other side of the sign says “STOP”, I can cause traffic jams for my own amusement.

Thanks, Craigslist seller of Department of Transportation-owned items! You’re the best. My life is complete now.

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  1. 2008 October 31
    Amylou permalink

    My husband calls those things “stopsicles”.

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  2. 2008 October 31
    drmk permalink

    I’ll be adopting that into my vocabulary. Thanks!

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  3. 2009 September 1
    2Sly4You permalink

    Awww! Come on! Quit making me laugh so much. I just spit my soda.

    And stopsicles FTW!

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  4. 2009 September 2
    aoeu permalink

    This is not as fail as it looks. Most flaggers at construction sites work for private contractors and are required to go to a flagging school and provide their own equipment. The missing piece is the radio.

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  5. 2009 September 3

    Dear God, the arm is what got me. That is so funny!!

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  6. 2009 September 7

    Yes, the disembodied arm was definitely the highlight of that post!

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  7. 2009 September 9
    Demi permalink

    I did get a kick out of the arm.

    However, I happened to attend flagging school (I was considering becoming a “flagger” for a bit) and I had to purchase all of my own equipment. I have yet to post it on CL, but I happen to have a vest, a hard hat, AND a “flagging stick.” All of which I purchased in a store that anyone can shop at.

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    • 2009 October 20
      Igor the Vigorous permalink

      Make. An. Ad. But make it… right.

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  8. 2009 October 20

    @ the person behind YSaC: i know this is more than one year old, and probably nobody would give a rat’s ass, but you should tag this as “possibly awesome”. ’cause your subtext made this add… well, possibly awesome!!
    it’s a hilarious idea to do that.

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    • 2009 October 20

      Now I’m scanning the original post and drmk’s post for subtext… but it seems like a “flagging stick” could be more of a problem than an awesomeness: at least, I wouldn’t want my stick to flag unexpectedly.

      On the other hand, there is a certain amount of kinkiness in using that stick to flag traffic, right out there in public. It’d get you arrested, eventually, though…

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      • 2009 October 21

        it depends on the (humoristical) point of view. to do that probably get’s you arrested or at least a fine. but i’ld do it out of pure anarchy and fun. and at least on april 1st, the police would, probably, let you of the hook.

        but in these days you know… when you get fired for stealing, because you took home some food from work, that otherwise would have ended in the trash. and on the other side the managers who effed up millions of dollars/euros keep their jobs and even get the bonuses, the state & the companies deserve some anarchy.

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  9. 2010 February 22
    kate permalink

    Funny you should mention that last bit of the 1st paragraph, cuz that actually happened to me in a construction area. I was sandwiched between the car in front of me that was NOT supposed to stop, and the car behind me which had crap for brakes. Yeah, I stopped in enough time not to smash into the idiot that should have kept going, but the car behind me forced me into the back of them anyway.

    I don’t think the woman holding the sign went to flagging school, cuz I’m assuming they would teach you the right way to flip the sign. She just suddenly turned the sign, with out sticking her hand out like other flaggers I’ve seen. And she laughed while she witnessed the accident that she partially caused.

    But I still blame the guy in front of me for thinking she wanted him to stop even though the front of his car was past her sign, and she was making eye contact with me as she turned the sign.


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  10. 2010 August 7

    Yes, I know I’m up too late and bored when I’m posting a comment on a two year old entry just to say that YXIX is not the number that comes between LXVIII and LXX.

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