YSaC, Vol. XII

2008 August 26
by drmk

I’m just wondering:

VACUUM, Eureka upright. bagless – $25

Keep it clean with the Uno 2998. 12 amp motor, comfort grip looped handle for more comfortable operation. Adjust the handle to your correct height. Lightweight, easy to maneuver. Less maintenance expense with filter-free dust cup. Long cord. Includes attachment for cleaning upholstery and stairs. Approx. 2 yrs. old. Seldom used.

… who thinks to themselves, “I should display the vacuum cleaner in its natural habitat … my backyard!”?

Or, maybe they did use the vacuum cleaner on the yard. It does say it has a long cord.

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  1. 2009 July 11
    Moira permalink

    …the backyard is cleaner. They *do* say “Seldom used.”

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  2. 2010 February 28
    Windrose permalink

    Something in this ad really sucks. 8)

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