2008 September 14
by drmk

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camouflage hip waiters – $15

i have camouflage hip waiters size 11 mens, used once.
great buy only 15.00

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  1. 2008 December 6
    Kaysox permalink

    I was going to comment on the incongruousness of someone spelling “camouflage” correctly, and misspelling “waders” but then I realized that perhaps they are selling the services of hip, camouflage-bedecked waiters. For a hunting club’s dinner perhaps? I am significantly amused by that concept.

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  2. 2008 December 6
    drmk permalink

    Or maybe, they’re hip waiters who blend into the background of hipness.

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  3. 2009 January 17
    D / DM permalink


    That’s impossible. The hip don’t blend in. Anywhere. We’re so nonconformist, we don’t even conform with the concept of nonconformism. Except inasmuch as to not do so would cause conformity.

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    • 2011 December 10

      They were hipsters* before hipsters were hipsters?

      * hipsters = shortened form of hip waiters

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      • 2011 December 10
        LimeLolly permalink

        But do those ‘hips’ lie?

        Adores: 3
  4. 2009 August 30
    DaddyPro permalink

    Anybody who has “size 11” anything is hip enough for me.

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  5. 2009 November 12
    Murdoch permalink

    Of all the other things in this listing that could be boggling my mind, it’s the “size 11” that’s got me. I don’t know much about clothing, but i am a man, and i have bought clothes for myself. Once in a while, i even pay attention to the size tags. As far as i know, the only article of menswear sold in a size 11 is a shoe. Shirts, coats, hats, belts, pants — all are measured in inches or centimeters, or a vague S, M, L, X, XX… scheme. There must be many important dimensions to consider when selecting hip waders. I can’t imagine that shoe size is even in the top ten. Unless “11” is shorthand for XXXXXXXXXXXL…

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    • 2009 December 12
      hip waiter permalink

      Hip waders go over your feet; therefore the shoe size is, in fact, probably the most important size to consider when buying them.

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  6. 2010 October 16
    Stephanae permalink

    Size 11 mens who can make their hips wait? Used only once? Sign me up! I mean, the one I have now only goes to 10, but these go to 11. And maybe the camouflage will wash off.

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  7. 2011 December 10

    used once

    Nothing worse than a leaky waiter.

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  8. 2011 December 10

    Hi, I’m Tyler, and I’ll be your waiter this evening at L’Auberge des Hipsters. Our special today is something of which you’ve likely never heard. In case you need anything, you won’t be able to find me because I’m camouflaged.

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    • 2011 December 10
      Irregular Fractal permalink

      L’Auberge des Hipsters is my all-Acadian Gaither Vocal Band cover band. But you’ve probably never heard of us.

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    • 2011 December 10
      CapnMac permalink

      Welcome to Maison d’Hip, your waiter will be Peter. Peter, of 15 Derbyshire NW, Dorsett, cannot be seen. Bon Appetite!

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  9. 2011 December 10
    Windrose permalink

    Waiter! There’s a — Waiter? Waiter!! Darn it, where did that hip fellow go? Come to think of it, I can’t see any of the wait staff. Guess I won’t have to leave a tip.


    How may I help you, madam?

    Adores: 5
    • 2011 December 10

      You’ve perfectly described a restaurant to which I once took my father. Memo to self: Do not try new restaurants on Dad’s birthday.

      Adores: 1
  10. 2011 December 10
    Ellen permalink

    I can’t imagine anyone wearing camouflage looking hip, but what do I know?
    This posting made me laugh for 3 whole minutes!

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  11. 2011 December 10

    At least they’re not selling baristas. I can’t get one leg in there, let alone my entire lower half.
    And the smell? Don’t get me started.

    Adores: 4
  12. 2011 December 10
    LimeLolly permalink

    I’m pretty sure I can’t afford to eat at a place that camouflages it’s hip waiters. And what does one wear to a place like that?

    Adores: 5
  13. 2011 December 10
    Digitalaxis permalink

    Jeeves! My pimp hat!

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  14. 2011 December 10

    My indie hip waiters are really underground and camouflage. But you’ve probably never seen them before.

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  15. 2011 December 11
    Windrose permalink

    And so another Ralph day in the box. Tune in again in a few minutes to find out who will be in the box today! Punchity Punch Punch!

    Good Morning, Barmarche!

    Adores: 2

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