YSaC, Vol. 200: OMGWTFBBQ??!!!1!one!1I!

2009 February 3
by drmk

The 200th post seems like a good time to make a change. I’ve decided the Roman numerals are irritating, and am abandoning them for numbers and the occasional snarky headline. You may direct complaints to the complaint department at your nearest Circuit City.

Anyway, in honor of YSaC’s 200th post, I’d like to do something a little different. As proprietress of this here web site, there’s a lot of things I can track about the comings and goings of people. One of the things I can see is what combination of words people type into a search engine that ends up bringing them to this site. As I’m about to illustrate, it’s almost weirder than the things that end up getting posted.

    let me get you craigslist
    (No thanks, you see, I’ve already got one.)

    code word craiglists mushrooms
    (If you don’t know the code word, you’re not cool enough to buy mushrooms. I already know I’m not cool enough, so don’t come here looking for answers!)

    colloms for wedding cake
    (I first read this as “Gollums for wedding cake”, which brought up a hilarious mental image of Gollum sitting on top of the cake with the wedding rings … my precioussssssssss)

    ponies free on graigslist
    (Some people shouldn’t have ponies.)

    someone had advertised shit tzus on crai
    (Or Shih Tzus.)

    does accounting suck

    lacawates valtrus-suka
    (This is probably the result of someone reading this post and double checking to see if there are any other results [which there aren’t, although the Tucson Craigslist shows up because that’s where the original post was], but I still like the idea of there actually being something called a “lacawates valtrus-suka” that people are looking up and then arriving here.)

    personals what does discrete mean
    (This poor person is going to end up so confused.)

    my husband is looking at casual encounters
    (Maybe he’s looking for things to send here? If not, take note, folks — that’s a pretty good excuse.)

    crt205 homework
    (If only it were that easy.)

    save my soul craigslist
    (I don’t think Craigslist has the power to do that. This site, however, certainly does, so you’ve come to the right place!)

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  1. 2009 February 3

    What, nobody is searching for some wonderful ‘dinning room’ furniture anymore? πŸ˜‰

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  2. 2009 February 3

    ‘French Prudential’

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  3. 2009 February 3

    OH and I forgot – YAY for abandoning the roman numerals!!!!1!!eleven!!!

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  4. 2009 February 3
    Random Person permalink

    Are you sure you’ve got one?
    Can we come up and have a look?

    One Ring to bring them both and in the marriage bind them?

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  5. 2009 February 3
    Mandee permalink

    Yea for 200 posts! Congratulations!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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  6. 2009 February 3
    drmk permalink

    Random Person: It’s very ni-ce.

    Yes, people search for French Prudential, but I’m assuming they’re actually looking for this site when they do that. (That’s what I tell myself to keep myself sane.)

    Candace, just the other day someone searched for “cheap dinning furniture Craigslist” … I’m hoping that they learned the error of their ways by visiting here.

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  7. 2009 February 3
    jeff permalink

    maybe you could talk to the NFL about the Superbowl numbers. I got lost somewhere after II.

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  8. 2009 February 3
    Alban permalink

    I greatly appreciate the abandonment of roman numerals. Snarky headlines would be loved, too, they give your RSS subscribers some way to know what they have read thus far (and rediscover favourite posts)

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  9. 2009 February 4
    Michelle permalink

    Congratulations on your 200th post. Check you every day.

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  10. 2009 February 4

    This may be my favoritest post ever.

    To celebrate, I’m going to go search for shit tzus on graigslist.

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  11. 2009 February 9
    Jackie permalink

    I’m convinced “lacawates valtrus-suka” is an anagram. After consulting wordsmith, I found the following possibilities:

    Avatars Actual Elk Wuss
    Castrate Skas Uvula Law
    Vacate Kraal Talus Wuss (sounds kind of Star-Trekian)
    Vacate Alas Walrus Tusk (sounds kind of Shakespearean)
    Alack Alas Wavers Tutus
    Sears Luau Vat Catwalks
    Catwalk Saves Luau Star
    Laser Uvula Attack Saws

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    • 2010 May 1
      Julia permalink

      “Laser Uvula Attack Saws” would be a great band name.

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      • 2011 July 27
        Dete permalink

        Either that, or a terrible Sci-Fi movie.

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  12. 2009 July 22

    I have determined that the lacawates thing has to be “lock weights” (which are apparently a thing) or some version of weights. As for the other two words, maybe “valtrus” actually means “vaults”. Thus, the guy may be selling 4 safes? “Suka”: I have no idea. “Suck”? Not a great word to use in your ad. Further, both Valtrus and Suka are racing horse names, but that might be a coincidence. They are also sort of Indonesian words. Personally, I am satisfied thinking that they are safes. That seems fairly plausible. Too bad the section it’s listed in doesn’t give any clues (like that is really to be trusted in the first place).

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  13. 2009 August 1
    Matt permalink

    Cacawates means nuts or peanuts in Spanish. Val trus is Czech for wall droppings. Suka is a vulgar Russian word for a female dog.

    So obviously, what we have are Peanuts posters that have been soiled by his ex in a nasty breakup over which language to teach their multilingual children.

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  14. 2009 November 14
    Grant C permalink


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  15. 2009 December 16
    Shane-For-Wax permalink

    I think I found this site from passiveaggressivenotes.com

    Google had nothing to do with it! πŸ˜€

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