YSaC, Vol. 216: But not cerise. Nobody uses cerise.

2009 February 19

Just in case you thought the last French Preventional entry was a fluke (which, I have to admit, I did!), here’s evidence to the contrary:

French prevential 5 Drawer Chest-of-drawers / real wood – $35

Five drawer,french prevential,real wood,chest-of-drawers.Needs a little TLC. Asking 35.00. If interested, please call [xxx-xxx-xxxx]. Please see piture.


At least they didn’t put “Chester drawers.” And that is a lovely piture.

Mauve footstool – $20

Mauve material, with brass button studs, wood legs. French preventional style.

Those French Preventionists loved mauve. They weren’t afraid of color, like those French Prudentialists. The Prudentialists were all about being prim and proper and monochromatic — they were prudish with their colors, if you will. The Preventionists? They loved color. Mauve, puce, chartreuse, magenta, burnt umber — they used ’em all.

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  1. 2009 February 19
    Sam permalink

    At least French Prevential is closer to French Provincial than French Prudential! Those damn French Real Estate prudes!!!!

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  2. 2009 February 19
    Courtney permalink

    That’s what I was thinking – it sounds the closest. I’m not into/up on/at all familiar with the different eras and styles of furniture out there. How much of this stuff that is being sold as French Prudential/Prevential/Preventional would actually be considered French Provincial? Because I think this dresser was featured in the Sears catalog circa 1977.
    And real estate? Are you kidding, my 401k is with French Prudential. Great return. High yield – even in this market.

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  3. 2009 February 19
    Random Person permalink

    Me too! My immediate reaction was, “wow, they actually approximated the word’s proper pronunciation!”

    I wonder if Canadians are more likely to get this right. Canada has provinces, not states, so surely people must talk about provincial governments and the like. You’d think that would influence people somewhat.

    Harking back to yesterday’s post, I have seen a set of bedroom furniture that cost somewhere around $19,500. And, coincidentally, it was described as “French provincial.” It was quite astounding furniture. The pieces were large. It was cream color, with tons of carving, and floral and other painting all over it, edges outlined in gold paint. I think the (canopy bed) headboard had that upholstery that’s in a diamond pattern and looks sort of quilted (but quilting isn’t the technique actually used). In satin, of course. It was all kinds of gaudy. I don’t know much about furniture so I don’t know if it was really French provincial, but it was certainly memorable. (I don’t recall any cerise, but I don’t remember the details that well.)

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  4. 2009 February 19
    Libby permalink

    is that a gunshot or blood on that top drawer, if yes, why is this not tagged as “classy”?

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  5. 2009 February 19
    drmk permalink

    Libby: my thought was “paintball”.

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  6. 2009 February 19
    Libby permalink

    also very classy! πŸ™‚

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  7. 2009 February 20
    D / DM permalink

    I took a class on French Prevention once…

    We learned basic personal hygeine.

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  8. 2009 February 20
    dogface permalink

    Is that a puke splatter on that french preventional chester drawer? (Yes, it was intentional. πŸ˜‰ )

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  9. 2009 March 5
    Wrabner permalink

    @Libby: I’m also slightly intrigued by the stain, I thought someone was shot dead near the chest. and maybe they mutilated the body and kept the body parts in the top drawer…

    …and why am I regretting myself to get such a mental image…? πŸ™ ow, I can feel my dinner move…

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  10. 2009 October 11
    SwissKat permalink

    I thought the stain was a half-scraped-off picture/sticker of an ostrich.

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