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2009 June 20

Old photos and letters (home)

Possablly free please since its for school and work. I need old photos for a project and i would take care of them. I mean old letters and photos from before 1980’s. I am hoping i can get for free and possablly keep if that be ok. If not i would give back. Please tell me in an email what you got and how many. and if you want them back or not. P.S.
If you dont let me use them and possablly keep them for free i cant work with it sorry i dont have money to spend thats why i hope free please.
Photos of the items in an email first so i see if it is usable. I need these so bad. My HS grade depends on them plus my college grade.

A couple of things here:

  1. Since when did pre-1980s become OLD? [Now get the hell off my lawn, you damned kids.]
  2. How can both a high school grade AND a college grade depend on whether or not you can find someone to give you/loan you old photographs and letters? How can it be for school and work? What kind of project is this?
  3. How can someone possibly spell possibly as possablly? And possibly more important, how can that person possibly go to college?

I can just see someone thinking to themselves, “You know, we don’t actually USE those letters that Grandpa wrote to Grandma while he was in the Army during the war … let’s let this nice kid have them for his project so he can pass high school and college.”

Thanks to Martha — seriously, Martha, WHAT is wrong with people where you live?

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  1. 2009 June 20

    wow so much wrong here! i just don’t understand the purpose of the ad. also, craig’s list should provide a free spell check before people post. it would be much appreciated.

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  2. 2009 June 20

    I’m still crying that he thinks “before 1980’s” is “old.” I must be an antique!

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    • 2009 July 11
      gormster permalink

      1980 was almost thirty years ago. Yeah, that’s old, mate. How much stuff do you actually still have from back then? I’m guessing albums and photos is all. Besides this kid is in their final year of high school now, which means they were born in 1991/92. So for them, it was more than a decade before they were born.

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  3. 2009 June 20

    So I should email this person photos of my photos? Wow, that’s pretty meta…obviously, this is for a highly theoretical upper-lever philosophy/art/history high-school/college course/job.

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  4. 2009 June 20
    Linnee permalink

    Let me get this straight. If I don’t let you use and possibly keep my antique photos and letters, you can’t work with “it”? How disappointing that would be for me.

    And honey, if you’re too stupid to find the shit you need online and just print it for your school/work project, getting out of high school and into college are the least of your concerns. Survival alone will be a challenge.

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  5. 2009 June 20
    Julia permalink

    OK I have no idea if this is the same situation, but I remember getting a similar request (in person) a long time ago from a poor inner city kid that had gotten a heritage assignment at school. The teacher clearly thought she was teaching somewhere else, since half the kids in the class didn’t know / didn’t have access to at least one parent, had been raised by families where few people were functionally literate, and where many of them had been dipping in and out of poverty for far too long to collect heirlooms.

    Really sad, actually.

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  6. 2009 June 20
    Julia permalink

    Not to put a dapper on things, of course!

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    • 2009 June 20
      kristen55 permalink

      No offense, but I think you mean ‘damper’ LOL

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  7. 2009 June 20
    Feera permalink

    The whole “My HS grade and college grade depend on it!” part is cracking me up.

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  8. 2009 June 20
    ZenKeys88 permalink

    I’m trying to think what kind of project would require old photos and letters. Then I try to think what kind of project affects both a high school and college grade. Then I wonder if the school project thing is a lie, in which case, what could they POSSABLLY need old photos for?

    This is the first entry I’ve commented on after reading the entire archives a couple of weeks ago. Love your site =D

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  9. 2009 June 20
    vickie permalink

    I can vouch for 20 somethings thinking prior to the 80s as old…coworker of mine actually complained about the “oldies” on the radio – it was all stuff from the 80s!!! I told her 80s are not oldies – nothing like that to make me feel old – and I’m only 31!!

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    • 2009 June 22
      jackie31337 permalink

      OMG, I know! I was listening to the radio a while ago, and every single song was popular while I was in middle/high school. At that point, I realized that 1. I’m now smack in the middle of that radio station’s target demographic (I would guess 30-50 years old), and 2. I’m old!

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  10. 2009 June 20

    *almost 100% sure the ‘school project’ is a lie*

    One of our local high schools is an early college entry school. The students are concurrently enrolled at the local junior college and when they graduate HS, they also graduate the college with an AA. All of those kids are smart enough to fake a school project without resorting to craigslist.

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    • 2010 April 3
      eeee permalink

      I was about to post this. My son’s in a dual-credit high school. It’s an interesting (and in our case, because he was in the inaugural class of this DCHS and they’re the “guinea pigs,” a hair-raising) experience.

      His school was funded in part by a grant from the Bill and Melissa Gates foundation, and the charter required that the kids be chosen by lottery. Any 8th grader who was eligible to go into the 9th grade was eligible to apply – there was no minimum GPA, no testing, nothing. (Supposedly. I’ve heard whispers of things that make me wonder if they adhered to that as strictly as they say – teacher’s knowing ahead of time that certain kids’d get in, etc.)

      Among my son’s classmates (all sophomores) are a young man who’s been running his own DJ and computer repair businesses since he was 12, a young lady who’s maintaining a 4.0 while taking EXTRA college courses at night, and a large handful of people who would be all over the Craigslist homework option, if any people in my town *used* Craigslist. It’s quite a mixed bag – pretty reflective of an average high school, from what I can see. (There are no extracurriculars, though – no sports program, no band or orchestra, etc.)

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  11. 2009 June 20

    So many of these I just want to say, “Honey, you do know you’re allowed to read what you wrote and edit it before you post it, right?” I like “I mean old letters and photos.” I imagine the poster thinking, “If only there were a function that allowed me to somehow go back and add the word letters! Oh, well.”

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  12. 2009 June 20

    So this is how the editors at Found magazine get their material.

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  13. 2009 June 20

    I knew it was too good to be true. What about “This American Life” ?

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  14. 2009 June 21

    We’re numb from the cold up here, drmk.

    And I’ll have you all know, more often than not, this is the question I get in response to my entries “seriously, Martha, WHAT is wrong with people where you live?”

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  15. 2009 June 22
    corn flakes permalink

    Screw this kid for not being resourceful. I went to art school and had to come up with some wild stuff (chicken-wire Icarus wings, wooden Jellyfish, 3d human size sculpture of dumpster contents, etc) all this kid needs is some pictures that are reasonably older, and notes. If he cant find it from a person he knows, or fake it, let him fail.

    I assume he was implying that with a bad high school grade he couldn’t get into college. But i think that was already decided by not knowing how to spell fairly common words.

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  16. 2009 June 22

    Here’s my issue (as if there was merely one with this ad…): He’s expecting someone to make the effort to:

    1) send an email describing the items e.g. “This is the one where my grandma tells my grandpa that she slept with the mail carrier”

    2) scan these “old” pictures and letters & email them to the guy for his further approval?


    For the sheer joy of helping an inarticulate lad pass his course? Sure, that’s worth it.

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  17. 2009 July 20
    Heather permalink

    In what universe could this be an easier way to get old pictures than a google image search?

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  18. 2011 January 1
    eeyore19 permalink

    What gets me is that he’s asking to be e-mailed scans of the photos first so he can decide if he wants you to mail them to him, yet he’s not smart enough to realize that he can just save and print the e-mailed photos himself.

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