YSaC, Vol. 387: Hand me that bag, I’m going to puce.

2009 August 8

2 Lazyboy recling chairs like new! Must sell ASAP!!!! want gone today – $150

I am selling 2 lazyboy recliners, these are like new! One of them swivels, rocks, and reclines and the other one rocks,and reclines. I want theses gone ASAP!!!! Iwould like them gone today!!! both are the same color ( light kacki ) Please let me know if any questions. Please if interested make a reasonable offer and there yours!!!

Naomi sends in this ad, with the following commentary:
“Now, there are a couple of things you should notice about these chairs.  First, of course, is that they are recling.  So if you have ever wanted to recle in a chair, now is your chance.  You might not know about recling, but it is what you are doing when you are not being reckless, of course.

“Second, there are two chairs, but they look like three, and they all take up the exact same space in the seller’s living room.  Don’t ask how — they are trained professionals; don’t try this at home.

“Then, of course, there is the lovely kacki color.  If you’re not familiar, this is the color you turn on a bumpy plane ride, as in ‘Are you OK?’  ‘No, I’m feeling a little kacki.’

“Apparently, the sale of these magical kacki recling chairs has something to do with the seller’s frustration over graduate school, because s/he wants theses gone as soon as possible.”

Recling. Surely that’s just someone making a one-off typo in the title, right? I mean, they got it right in the ad itself, so surely nobody else would make that mistake, right?

I have recling and other chair and 5 bucks for you

hurry wont last at this price

Oh. So, wait … I’ll get a recling, and a chair, AND $5? Is there any chance the recling is kacki?

Second post courtesy of Martha F., who destroys my faith in humanity once again.

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  1. 2009 August 8
    Sherri permalink

    Ah, for the lack of a single proof reading…

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  2. 2009 August 8
    Windrose permalink

    If the chair in the second ad isn’t kacki, I’m going to need $10 with it.

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  3. 2009 August 8
    Cled permalink

    Dang. If only they were French Prudential!

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  4. 2009 August 8

    5 bucks for me?!! score!

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  5. 2009 August 8

    I think they missed a comma, and it’s meant to read “I have recling and other chair and 5, bucks for you”.

    Just for me? Hot!

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  6. 2009 August 8
    dogface permalink

    Well, at least we won’t get disqualified if we ask questions.

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  7. 2009 August 8

    two chairs and 5 bucks for me? wow that won’t last…but do I really have to take the chairs?

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  8. 2009 August 9
    bitbot permalink

    I kind of enjoyed the breathless pace of this one:
    Want them gone! Make an offer!! No time for spell check!!! Recle!!! Recle!!! – for pity’s sake!!!!

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  9. 2010 August 8
    abwh permalink

    Recling, recling… hazard a guess there just may be a few vowels and consonants lacking.

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  10. 2012 April 14

    They’re “recling” chairs, as in “cling again.” Sparky has an on-again, off-again emotional attachment to the chairs and will feel seller’s remorse as soon as you drive off with them.

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  11. 2012 April 14

    Investigator: Where were you on August 8, 2009?
    Me: I was snarking on YSaC.
    Investigator: *pause* Snarking? About what?
    Me: About Sparky and the Recling Chairs.
    Investigator: I loved their first album, but then they sold out to the Man.
    Me: That’s not the right line!
    Investigator: Oh, bugger!

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  12. 2012 April 14
    One Moving Violation permalink

    [corey] REC is a movie.
    Recling chair must be infected with the virus.
    Or maybe a recling is a fan of the movie, and is selling his chair to get his horror fix.[/corey]

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  13. 2012 April 15

    STAND BACK, everyone! I’m letting the monkey out of the box! Punchity Punch Punch!

    Good Morning, Floral City!

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