2008 October 26
by drmk

Neon Tanning sign – $75

Neon red lit “Tanning” 28″ long. $75.00 in excellent running order.

[blonde] You guys, I don’t get it … I’ve been lying under this sign for, like, fifteen minutes a day, and I’m not any darker! [/blonde]

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  1. 2009 August 21
    Julie permalink

    Of course not, because you’d have to lie between that sign and another that said [/tanning] in order to see results.

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  2. 2010 September 28
    Windrose permalink

    And just look how dark the sign has gotten! 8)

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    • 2010 September 28
      mudslicker permalink

      Reminds me of that Seinfeld episode.

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  3. 2011 December 4

    I’ve had this damn deer skin in the tanning booth all day and it’s still not turning into leather!

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  4. 2011 December 4

    I don’t see the problem. That sign captures the color of a fake tan perfectly.

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  5. 2011 December 4
    Windrose permalink

    Anagram Fun with TANNING SIGN:

    Tannings Gin
    Tanning Gins
    Tanning Sing
    Snag Tinning
    Nags Tinning
    Sang Tinning
    Gnats Inning
    Tangs Inning
    Angst Inning
    Gnat Innings
    Gnat Sinning
    Tang Innings
    Tang Sinning
    Ants Ginning
    Tans Ginning
    Gang Inn Snit
    Gang Inn Tins
    Gang Inn Nits
    Gang Inns Tin
    Gang Inns Nit
    Gangs Inn Tin
    Gangs Inn Nit
    Nag Sting Inn
    Nag Tings Inn
    Nag Ting Inns
    Snag Ting Inn
    Nags Ting Inn
    Sang Ting Inn
    Gnats Gin Inn
    Tangs Gin Inn
    Angst Gin Inn
    Gnat Gin Inns
    Gnat Gins Inn
    Gnat Sign Inn
    Gnat Sing Inn
    Tang Gin Inns
    Tang Gins Inn
    Tang Sign Inn
    Tang Sing Inn

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    • 2011 December 4
      penguin permalink

      Windy – I thought you didn’t start drinking this early in the morning.

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      • 2011 December 4
        Windrose permalink

        I’m as sober as a lord! 8)

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  6. 2011 December 4

    Tan boy: Do not try and tan the sign. That’s impossible. Instead… only try to realize the truth.

    Neon: What truth?

    Tan boy: There is no sign.

    Neon: There is no sign?

    Tan boy: Then you’ll see, that it is not the sign that tans, it is only yourself.

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  7. 2011 December 4
    CoffDrop permalink

    Neon lights
    illuminating cities of sin,
    shamelessly calling out
    to deviant children
    of wonderfully dark indulgences.
    Painting red, the faces
    of Las Vegas street walkers.
    Painting blue, the naked bodies
    of New York’s dancers.
    Giving a gritty underworld
    a vibrant, glamorous light
    in which to thrive.
    Its gentle electric hum
    a breathing pulse,
    festering in the midst of
    concrete and steel.
    A satire on organic chemistry.

    Heather A. Young

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  8. 2011 December 4
    CoffDrop permalink

    Ooops! Just Ooops………

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  9. 2011 December 5
    Windrose permalink

    SisterLyle, you deserve many more of these! Punchity Punch Punch!

    Good Morning, Cheri Irwin!

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