YSaC, Vol. CI

2008 October 28

King size brown leather recliner – $650

King size brown leather recliner, awsome condition. Some minor defects, handel to recline is a lil chewed up. No tears or holes. Will saddel wax it befor it goes to give it an extra shine.

$650 or Best offer

Nothing wrong with that, right? I mean, yeah, there’s some spelling issues, but nothing too terrible. Not really worth snarking about. But then you see the pictures:

Her: “Honey, can you get off the chair for a second? I want to take a picture of it to put on Craigslist.”

Him: “Wait ’til I finish my smoke.”

Her: “But America’s Next Top Nanny is on in five minutes, and I want to do this now.”

Him: “Too bad. I’m comfortable.”

Her: “Actually, wait, that’s it! I can take a picture of you lounging in the chair to show just how comfortable it is! Pose for me, honey. Look comfortable.”

Him: *grunts and throws his leg on the arm of the chair*

Her: “Perfect! That says that you’re so comfortable you’ve even forgotten that you still have your shoes on. I like it.”

Him: *takes a drag from his cigarette*

Her: *click* *click* “Great. That way I don’t need to say in the description that it reeks of smoke; they’ll know.”

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  1. 2008 October 28


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  2. 2008 October 29

    gross. and i mean that in all possible ways lol.

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  3. 2008 October 30

    Oh my. Awesome condition indeed!

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  4. 2008 December 12
    Rich permalink

    The ad doesn’t mention whether the hairy troll is included with the couch.

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  5. 2009 August 27
    Hillari-T permalink

    I’m sure it’s a matter of perspective, but I wouldn’t call that a “minor defect.”

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  6. 2009 October 17
    Mike permalink

    Why is it I get the distinct impression that the man who won’t drag himself off the chair before taking a picture of it is not, in fact, going to “saddel wax” it before it is sold?

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  7. 2010 February 22
    kate permalink

    He is the King, after all. It says it right there in the title.

    $650, *snort* You probaly couldn’t even buy it NEW for that much.

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    • 2011 August 27
      Spaceman.Spiff permalink

      Feel bad for Kate, she’s obviously not shopped for leather recliners.
      La-Z-Boy asks $1200-1500 for their entry level recliners.

      And, if you shop the “Liquidation shows” and pay less, they often come with a sweaty, tattooed defect, too . . .

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  8. 2011 August 27

    The undoubtedly sweaty behemoth looks disturbingly similar to a guy I worked with on Okinawa back in ’92. If this ad is from the Pacific Northwest, you really don’t want this chair at any price. Because Eww.

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    • 2011 August 27

      Why can’t I correct my indentions?

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      • 2011 August 27
        Windrose permalink

        Don’t know, but I can. 8)

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      • 2011 August 27
        Bianchi Sound permalink

        The road to hell is paved with bad indentions!

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  9. 2011 August 27
    Windrose permalink

    This brings back memories that I don’t want to discuss. Except for the smoking. The person this reminds me of did not smoke. Sometimes getting older is a good thing.

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  10. 2011 August 27
    Lou Stool permalink

    Does the otterman …..er…… auto man ……er…… foot stool come with it?

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    • 2011 August 27
      Windrose permalink

      Yes, with the permanent smell of sweaty sox!

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