2008 November 23
by drmk

Anthic white ceiling fan – $30

This ceiling fan has 4 lamps and it it is very good condition.

Nothing says “good condition antique white ceiling fan” like a picture of someone holding up the fan to the ceiling in their garage.

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  1. 2008 November 24

    like no one ever buys a new fan and needs to get rid of the old one? or you should just keep the same one until it dies?

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  2. 2008 November 24
    drmk permalink

    Um … I’m just saying that the most effective/attractive way of displaying said fan might not be to hold it up to your garage ceiling.

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  3. 2008 November 24

    What’s ‘anthic’???

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  4. 2008 November 24
    drmk permalink

    My best guess is “antique” — and I’m assuming that refers to the color “antique white” and not to the vintage of the fan.

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  5. 2009 September 8
    skluz permalink

    For the moment, let’s assume the seller really did mean “antique.” Do they really expect me to believe that ceiling fan was around in 1958? Did they even make ceiling fans in 1958? Particularly ones with laminate particle board arms?

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  6. 2009 September 15

    I’m thinking of the “anthics” one would have to perform to get that picture. Especially if you had to hold the camera and the fan at the same time.

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  7. 2012 December 23
    Aphid permalink

    It it must be in in very good condition because it it defines what good condition is.

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  8. 2012 December 23

    I’m not a big fan of anthic white, ceiling or otherwise. But my love birds enjoy riding on the fan when it’s not turned on.

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  9. 2012 December 23
    HamCan permalink

    Looks more like an armwar to me…

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  10. 2012 December 23

    Every sensible person knows that the proper place to display an anthic white ceiling fan is in the dinning room.

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  11. 2012 December 23
    Tankerbell permalink


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  12. 2012 December 23
    Tankerbell permalink

    Spaky is holding the anthic white ceiling fan in his upraised arm like the Statue of Liberty. Which, I suppose, would mean the book she’s holding is “100 ways to Cook Roadkill.”

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  13. 2012 December 23
    HamCan permalink

    Fan dance, you are doing it wrong…

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  14. 2012 December 24
    D / DM permalink

    I could use this. My last ceiling fan was anthin one, and it brock.

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  15. 2012 December 24

    Ducky, here’s the one thing you asked Santa for! Punchity Punch Punch!

    Good Morning, Fans of ceilings!

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