YSaC, Vol. 205: The finest, handcrafted Italian French furniture.

2009 February 8
by drmk

An update! Qu’elle surprise … for some inexplicable reason, some French Prudential furniture that was listed earlier on Craigslist did not sell (mon Dieu!), so they’ve dropped the price and are trying again.

french prudential corner china closet – $300

1 corner china closet ,french prudential

call any time #xxx-xxx-xxxx

french prudential furniture set – $4000

For $4000 or best offer you will be getting 4 piece sofa set ,3 piece table set,a small bar stand,two lamps,1 big mirrow . that’s a 11 piece set .all french prudential al italian made,it could be sold seperately or togethere

call any time #xxx-xxx-xxxx

It’s nice to see that some things don’t change, including a complete disregard for common rules of punctuation and spelling, n’est-ce pas? However, we now find out that French Prudential furniture is made by some Italian named Al.

And I’m kind of liking the word “togethere”. It implies that everyone in a group is all in the same place, and is somewhere else … over there. They are togethere. It is, how the French say, le mot juste.

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  1. 2009 February 8
    candace permalink

    I heard that Al makes the best FrePruTalian mirrows, and I can’t wait to get one!

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  2. 2009 February 8

    Maybe people are hesitant to hand over $4000 to someone who can’t even work a comma. I’d email the poster, but that might ruin the fun!

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  3. 2009 February 8
    Kris permalink

    A “mirrow” just sounds sooooo cute. I want one!

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  4. 2009 February 8
    Courtney permalink

    That is the French-Italian way of spelling “mirror.” Everyone knows that! ;-P

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  5. 2009 February 15

    No, no — “togethere” is “together” with an appropriately Prudential French accent. “To-ge-thairrr.” You know.

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    • 2009 December 27
      lmaocol permalink

      OMG!! I did not know there were any ‘French Prudential’ teacher’s about! Your lesson has caused me to use up 2, nay, 3! tissues in mopping up my tears of laughter!!! -see name-

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  6. 2009 July 28
    Obélix permalink

    Sapristi! I am French and I don’t even know what French Prudential furniture eez! It must be like French Dressing, not French at all. Pas du tout du tout du tout…

    Au fait, zhere eez no apostrophe in “quelle”. 🙂

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    • 2010 February 18
      Steph permalink

      I was just about to say that! I’ve taken French for the past four years of high school (well, okay, it was two years spread over four), and by now, I should know where the apostrophes go and do not go!

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  7. 2009 August 31

    My first thought was that perhaps they meant to suggest that the furniture was “Alitalian-made”.

    After all, who makes better French Prudential furniture than an Italian airline?

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  8. 2009 September 1
    LALIA permalink

    ok first of all .. there is NO SUCH THING as French ” prudential” furniture … Prudential is a INSURANCE term …

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    • 2009 September 1
      drmk permalink

      You’re new here, aren’t you?

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      • 2009 September 18
        kolkata permalink

        not just new here but in the insurance field too!!

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  9. 2009 September 18
    kolkata permalink

    …mind the use of ‘a’ …. as in ‘a insurance’….literature anyone?

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  10. 2009 November 20
    emesis permalink

    Is no one else bothered by the fact that this china closet only has 1 corner? How is that even possible? I guess it could be a tear drop shape, but how would it balance? Is it like a Weeble? If so, can you still store things in this closet? Unless you glue the china to the inside, won’t it get broken when the closet wobbles but doesn’t fall down?

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    • 2009 November 20

      Maybe it’s a like a Mobius hutch. Or a Klein armoire.

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  11. 2011 June 10
    Ghost permalink

    Fantastic! I always wanted an French made object crafted by an Italian named Al. The one who submitted this add must really be one of two things, Drunk or stoned. I vote stoned!

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