2008 October 3
by drmk

I have a new theory about people and vacuum/carpet cleaners.

My theory is this: vacuum cleaners suck people’s brains out and make them stupid. Otherwise, how else can you explain people taking pictures of their vacuum cleaners outside … or this?

wet dry vac – $30

this is a wet dry vac fairly new works awesome. need gone immediatly

Apparently they need to get rid of it so quickly, they don’t even have time to clean their own carpets with it!

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  1. 2008 October 4

    they are obviously selling it because it works too well

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  2. 2008 November 13

    They are selling it because they have obviously just committed a murder and need to get rid of the evidence. Unfortunately they took this pic BEFORE they cleaned up the blood.

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  3. 2010 October 16
    NotMyName permalink

    By wet/dry vacuum, they obviously mean it *sprays* water, thus causing the pictured mildew.

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