2008 November 18

Large Brita – $7

13 ¾ in. length, 7 ¾ in width, 8 ½ in height

There isn’t really anything wrong with the listing, other than the fact that it was listed under furniture. I’m trying to imagine how one could use this as furniture. Any ideas?

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  1. 2008 November 18
    Mandee permalink

    Is a toilet considered furniture?? :p Imagine…you can filter your pee!!!

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  2. 2008 November 18
    drmk permalink


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  3. 2008 November 18
    Emland permalink

    Maybe a fishtank? Don’t know if that qualifies for furniture, either.

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  4. 2008 November 18
    Ladyuranus permalink

    It’s obviously a stool, an uncomfortable footrest, or a training potty.

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  5. 2009 July 11
    Spacey permalink

    Shame on you and your humanist paradigm! It’s quite obviously a gerbil RV. Unfortunately, these folks DID misslist it. It should have been under RVs for sale.

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  6. 2009 October 18

    You guys are reading the dimensions wrong. It’s a large Brita!

    It’s 13.75 feet long, and 8.5 feet high. It’s not so much a piece of furniture as a container for furniture, like one of those PODS moving and storage things you can rent.

    And it’s conveniently transparent, so you can tell what you’ve got inside it!

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