YSaC, Vol. 1779: Fishin’ in the Dark

2014 November 7

Free light bulbs

condition: good
Check your Spam folder for reply. About 6 or 8 regular light bulbs free, all work but are not the new energy-efficient kind

Light bulbs? Light bulbs, you say?


*rubs eyes*

*looks again*

Nope, still not light bulbs.

Still, maybe I’ll finally have a use for this:

Free Fishwasher

Thanks, Ralph and Mackenzie!

YSaC, Vol. 1778: For sooth

2014 November 5

let an angel sing to you

let me express my dedication to my two home countries.
call me and i will sing either the American national anthem or Canadian national anthem to you.
i love my countries and would like to let you hear the voice of an angel sooth you on this beautiful labor day.

Oh hey – a national anthem post. I should totally use this for volume 1776.

Oh crap.

True fact – drmk and I go to a lot of amateur sporting events. At these events, amateur persons often sing the American and/or Canadian national anthems. 99 times out of 100 they are not even a LITTLE bit soothing. In fact, our friends have determined that far more entertaining than the actual performer is watching us twitch at each random modulation and botched intonation.

So I think, Sparky, you will NOT be hearing from us on the dial-an-anthem line any time soon. Unless you want to perform the honors for Johncageistan.

Thanks for the post, Greg!

YSaC, Vol. 1777: He’s not husky, he’s big boned.

2014 November 3

Large Dog Crate

Large doge crate, as new. $100.00 or best offer

Bought this a few months ago and it has never been used.

Fits a fully grown husky

So… this is a dog crate, right? And to use it, you put a dog into it, right? That’s how you use a dog crate, last time I checked. And this one has never been used – as in, no one has ever put a dog into it. Like that dog there. In the crate. Using the crate, as it were.

Sigh. So Craiglist. Much suck. Wow.

Thanks for the post, Michael!

YSaC, Vol. 1776: Cool, Cool… um?

2014 October 31

In honor of post number 1776, let’s pay tribute to America with this gem, which has nothing whatsoever to do with the Declaration of Independence in any way.

cooler – $10 – $1500

thermos cooler metal body at outside

Yep. Happy Fourth of July, everyone!

(Thanks for the post, JH!)

YSaC, Vol. 1775: Who’s a blurry dog? YOU’RE a blurry dog!

2014 October 29

wanted foam to keep sound out

we cant use foam from couch. we can use any other foam sheets, rolls . I need 2in x37 in x 41in . its for a window. my dog is afraid of the rain

If only there were some way to acquire products besides simply posting about your needs to Craigslist. Can you imagine the magical, fantasy world we would be living in if there were some kind of place you could go to get things? Actually, there’s so many different kinds of things, that in this hypothetical utopia, we might want to divide these thing-acquiring-places into categories. There’d be a home-thing-acquiring-place, a food-thing-acquiring-place, and maybe even a thing-acquiring-place devoted entirely to different types of popcorn!

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

But since we don’t have that, I suppose the next best thing would be if someone worked out some way to create some sort of internet-virtual-thing-acquiring-place. It would be like the real thing-acquiring-places, but you just wouldn’t be able to poke the things until they arrived at your home.

We should probably think of a better name than “thing-acquiring-place,” as awesome as that would be in German.

Maybe the dog could help.

Thanks for the post, Lace!

YSaC, Vol. 1774: Howdy, Tex!

2014 October 27

Trade iPhone 4. 32g

I have. iPhone 4 32 g color Black. Facture unlock I. Like to trade. For iPad. 2. Or. 3 Tex me.

You Tex. Me Ostrimu. You like trade? Me like trade too!

One question. What “Facture”?

Thanks for post, sd!