YSaC, Vol. 1742: Two out of seven’s not bad.

2014 August 13

[Warning: if you are easily offended, you're on the wrong website AND you might not want to read the post below.]

Free frig

I’m giving my frig away. It’s really the only frig I’ve ever given. If you’d like to frig, its free to pick up, outside of [location]. Please, come get it, its the only frig I have

I’m not really looking for a frig right now. I’ve been looking for a damn for a while, but nobody ever seems to have those to give away. Or a shit. I’d settle for a crap, but even those don’t get given very often. There’s lots of fucks out there though, and unlike shits and craps, nobody ever seems to take those.

I’ll show myself to the corner.

Thanks, Ralph!

YSaC, Vol. 1741: The Fast and the Spurious

2014 August 11

1998 Honda Civic Es Special eSport Editions – $1000

1998 Honda Racing Civic fuel : gastransmission : manual title status : clean
The car es in goo conditionss
Its fast and furios looking
Much JDM
The car has proffesionals stickers
And racing wings
17 inche rines
Cold air intakes

The car is 5 speeds with R makes its 6 speeds
It has the single cams no vtec much powers full

When I was growing up, we had a 1979 Chevrolet Chevette hatchback. With black plastic upholstery. When it got hot out, it would melt anything you put near it in seconds. I wonder if that’s what this ad means by “goo conditionss?” Probably not, though, since it has cold air intakes. Then again, those probably wouldn’t work in summer when there’s no cold air.

Also, I don’t think you’re normally allowed to count “reverse” towards the total number of speeds. Although the other possibility, that the car doesn’t go in reverse, but has a pirate gear, is intriguing.

Thanks for the ad, MC – you’re 2 for 2!

YSaC, Vol. 1740: You have no chance to survive

2014 August 8

a staple calculator sell – $3

condition: good size / dimensions: medium
I got A calculator for sell.

Before u come, better send me e-mail to make a time.
also, you could call me on the phone.

I got lot of good and beautiful baby boys shoes, socks,toys, tables,play station.
And also many charming T-shirts, jeans, jackets,coats and sweaters. . ..as well

Yes, it’s important to make an appointment when purchasing a three dollar disposable calculator. In fact, you should probably call several weeks in advance and make a reservation. You will be shown into the exclusive calculator showroom, after verifying your financial situation, of course. A strict dress code will be enforced – no T-shirts or jeans which are not charming will be permitted.

Thanks for the opportunity, MC!

YSaC, Vol. 1739: SIX sequels? Really?

2014 August 6

radio alarm saw – $250

work good contractor saw.

or best offer


“Honey, it’s too early. Just hit snooze, OK?”
*arm reaches out from under the covers and…

Well, you can fill in the rest.

Thanks for the horror, Ron!

YSaC, Vol. 1738: And you’re to blame.

2014 August 4

Promise ring 1/4 ct tw Size 5.5 Trade for hand gun!!! – $275

Very unique Promise ring for sale $275 reasonable offers accepted! Cash only! Paid over $400 comes with lifetime warranty from Helzbergs! I have proof of perchase! Practically brand new! Will trade for hand gun 9mm, .40 cal. , or .45

Trading a promise ring for a handgun, you say?

Thanks for the post, Amy!

YSaC, Vol. 1737: Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na

2014 August 1
by dan


My carpet is rippling. Need a skilled carpeter
to smooth out my wall-carpet for Caricature Party

I will perform my service for carpet repair.

If you or your loved one needs a
party entertainment idea? Consider me
to entertain your guests at the next
luau or local party. Been doing this for over
30 years.

You know who was awesome? Abraham Lincoln.
You know who else was awesome? Batman.
So what could be more awesome than Bat-Lincoln! Just shine the signal of a stovepipe hat on the sky, and Bat-Lincoln will swoop in and, er, I don’t know – free the slaves or something. But awesome!

Thanks for the post, Lisa!