YSaC, Vol. 1688: W-O-L, that spells Owl

2014 April 9
by dan

Retro knitted Owl wall hanging antique – $10

Retro knitted Owl wall hanging. This is at least 30 years old and in fantastic condition! It will make a great addition to your wall!

This will make a great addition to my wall in the sense that if I am building a wall, and I drop this into the cement mixer so that it becomes physically embedded deep in the wall where I never have to see it again, that would be great.

Thanks for the post, Debra

YSaC, Vol. 1687: Ewe such ate Crags Lice

2014 April 7

eluhgant anteek taybull seht – $500 (phort #####)

awl glas taybull wif siks holsterd chares, wil ad klass too sum homz, 500 ore bess ofur

Sparkay hire mey thank thee arr bee ink phony, butte eye thank thee arr joust traying two heart.

Thangs four sinning thighs inn, Karen!

YSaC, Vol. 1686: Hey little girl, is Sparky home?

2014 April 4

Who’s ready for a wall of crazy?

I’m on fire….. – m4w – 21

age : 21
Time’s fleeting and you should know everything. . ..

I’m sure that most of everything from the past is just chaotic confusion for you. You’d like to believe, but deep down inside you somethings not quite right. To me, everything’s clear, for I know and have accepted the truth of you and every single motivation that laced actions. In the end, you ended up back at square one and don’t even know it yet. I don’t think you’ve come to grips with everything yet. You know how I view regret; however, a couple things vex me.

(Please don’t answer the questions they’re rhetorical.)

1) How come you never associated my actions of walking by you like a stranger so many times with my research? I thought my sentiments were obvious when considering I did everything in my power to avoid and push you away the entire time after we returned in July. I didn’t care for your threat. You never scared me.
2) Did you know I tried to give you everything in hopes that you’d heal and move on?
3) Why wouldn’t you let me move on with another woman?
4) Do you hate or love me for keeping my word?

BTW: Don’t worry about them either, I warned them and I’ll take care of each one of them. I’ll enjoy it too. The whittle boys who think their big men always always asked the girl to do their dirty work in the end. I hoped you profited. ;)

I know the confusion drives you crazy, but you’re already insane. And that fact never bothered me. I realize you were just a casualty of both situations and didn’t know about either at the time. I didn’t mean to scare you, still I needed to know some answers at the time and the end result wasn’t all that bad in my eyes.
You were always predictable when I wanted to know what others were up to. Remember, define by actions. Two months ago was the last time that I used you, but you didn’t know it. You never knew.

Back then, I tried to explain things to you, but once again you thought everything was about you. . …!!!!!
Often times, I wonder if you’ve ever even read an actual book on the proverbial spinning shelf in your room or just performed shallow skims. The nature and design of the shelf is a very influential and foreshadowing object to me.

I can’t quite begin to imagine the distances you’ve driven into desolate emptiness impelled by twisted reasoning.

Looking back, I laugh to myself when I think about how you were so inconsequential in the big picture. The irony saturates the entire situation of the scenario you created. When you didn’t get your way in the first place, and even after I left. You created so many things and conjured people, even yourself.

You need to know that all of the bad things in your life are conceived through your own negativity. In the end, nothing beautiful ever comes from bad intentions. That’s always been and forever remains my point to you. Then again, maybe you need the chaos.

The most disheartening fact’s that you’re searching everywhere for something inside of you. You seem to think that what you need exists in another. You’ll never find your counter to completeness until you’re true to yourself. Don’t settle either. I know you won’t, for you’re too dame stubborn.

I’m on fire…. Town Mountain

Clearly this person is a stable, well balanced individual, with extremely cogent points to make about his prior relationship.

Wait, no. He’s a fruitbat posting demented ramblings in public on the internet. Sounds like a real catch.

Thanks for the post, Innana!

YSaC, Vol. 1685: Zoinks!

2014 April 2

Small Dresser for childrens room or paint shabby shiek

Hello You are looking at a Nice small Dresser, This can be used for a childs room or project for Shaggy Shiek ,, in pretty good shape.

Willing to ship world wide . Also willing to deliver locally depending on location . Can be picked up in [location]

Please call or email with any questions or too see more pictures

Asking $ 25.00 or Best offer or trade for almost anything especially old cars , boats or motorcycles running or not .


For the “Shabby Sheik” I’m picturing some horribly offensive ethnic caricature from the 1930s, like Little Black Sambo, Charlie Chan, or Sam Rayburn. He’d be dressed in a gutra, of course, with a mustache and a camel, and would be played by an actor who isn’t actually of middle eastern descent.

The camel would also be a cow with an ottoman strapped to it’s back. This is the SHABBY Sheik, after all.

Also – Sparky feels that this fine piece of furniture is worth $25… or a car? Right…

Thanks for the post, Eleanor!

YSaC, Vol. 1684: Lucy in the sky with D##*m**#?

2014 March 31
by dan

Budget Engagement Ring – $300

Four channel set diamonds on each side of a larger stone. 14c. yellow gold. Size 7

Thanks Amy!

YSaC, Vol. 1683: Let It Snow

2014 March 28

Saddle light dish

Saddle light dish, 10 foot diameter, super heavy duty custom made roof stand. Still mounted on garage roof. Make offer. Call Mike.

I don’t quite understand – am I expected to take your entire garage roof with me when I purchase your saddle light dish? Weird. OK, I guess I’ll need an appropriate TV to attach it to.

Move a 27″ Older TV from the house and take it with you

Analog TV from Best Buy has snow on screen now

Still works but no picture

Heavy and need help to remove it
no stairs

Yep. That seems about right.

Thanks, sd and Ted!