2008 September 11
by drmk

pink pean page – $10

pink pean page for teens and kids good condition

I’m not sure what to make of this. I’m not even sure if it’s legal.

Is it the pean page that’s in good condition, or do the teens and kids need to be in good condition to use the pean page?

The only thing I can guess is that maybe it’s time we have a class on the difference between p’s and b’s.

(Submitted by a reader — thanks!)

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  1. 2008 October 2

    hahahahahahahahahaha…even if they mixed p up with b….bink bean bagE? lol SOOO MUCH is wrong with this post.

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  2. 2009 November 14
    emsies permalink

    maybe a pink peon page? like a small, pink, inferior child that runs errands for other children who are in better condition?

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  3. 2009 November 14

    Or maybe it’s a sheet of pink paper with a paean to teens and kids on it?

    I can sympathize: paean is a tough word to spell.

    On the other hand, I hate teens and kids, so anyone writing them a pink paean is lame in my book.

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