2008 October 12
by drmk

mcdonalds monopoly!! need # 273 Park Place!!! SPLIT w/ me!! – $1

i got #274 its called BOARDWALK with a dark blue strip on top. i’ll split with someone that has park place #273. get to me asap!! we can meet up right bow if you want!! its 1:21am. if not meet me at my work that i plan on quitting once we meet hahaaaaa!! thanks!!

Hmmm, if only I knew where to find the Park Place piece …


Hello I have got the park place piece for Mcdonalds monopoly and I need the boardwalk piece. If you have the piece I will pay 500000 thousand in cash if you really have it. Please I dont have time for scams as I am a busy man but if you have boardwalk for mcdonalds monopoly email me asap and you just got yourself 500000k in cash. I hope you have it and best of luck. Contact me if you do.

These two people are in the same city. If you do a search for “Monopoly”, they both come up in the listings. I could be nice, but I won’t. (Besides, if you do a search for “Monopoly” in this particular city, there’s about ten other people who each claim to have Park Place or Boardwalk. I’ll let them all sort it out amongst themselves.)

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  1. 2008 October 12

    this is almost…exciting! lol

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  2. 2008 October 12

    i would show up with a police escort though…and a iron-clad contract. people are shady when it comes to money.

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  3. 2008 November 14
    Kat permalink

    Dude, the second one was offering 500000 thousand dollars for the missing piece! If I had that kind of money, I’d so totally NOT be playing McDonald’s Monopoly!

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  4. 2008 November 21
    Juju permalink

    “you just got yourself 500000k in cash” Correct me if I’m wrong, but if $1,000 is represented as 1k, wouldn’t this guy be offering a hella lot more money than 500k? That just doesn’t seem practical.

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  5. 2009 April 10

    Yes, 500,000 thousand would be 500,000,000. For those lost in all of the zeroes, that’s 500 million.

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  6. 2009 August 27
    Hillari-T permalink

    Who has half a mil in cash?? What does that even look like???

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    • 2009 September 1
      ZODIAC permalink

      he’s refering to the McDonalds Monopoly grand prize of one million. he’ll half it with you if you have the peice he needs.

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  7. 2009 September 2
    Ed Snyder permalink

    Let’s assume the second guy meant a half million dollars and not a half billion. Even so he’s making a pretty stupid offer. Hasn’t he ever heard of taxes? Assuming 40% federal income tax and roughly 10% to his state, he’s left with about a half million which he has already spent on the second Monopoly piece.

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