2008 November 14
by drmk

Adult Potty – $10

Potty support for elderly, handicapped. Like NEW. $10 xxx-xxx-xxxx

If you have to use the word “potty”, you don’t qualify as an adult.

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  1. 2008 November 14
    Cornholio permalink

    Too bad I checked the site today during breakfast.

    It’s not the explicit pictures that get me. It’s the ones that bring up my own custom-made images in my head.

    “…with his loose skin and…old balls – gross! ugh!”

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  2. 2008 November 14
    pdxgal permalink

    Even if it was only used ONCE to support an old person while taking a shit, that would disqualify it as ‘like new’.

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  3. 2008 November 16

    Yes! A “like new” potty is still a “used potty”!

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  4. 2008 November 23
    Some Chick permalink

    I wonder if this is C’s handicrapper that bombed at the garage sale?

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  5. 2008 November 23
    drmk permalink

    I’ve since seen it listed again, with the exact same ad and wording. I still maintain that if you have to use the word “potty”, you can’t be considered an adult.

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  6. 2009 December 16
    Shane-For-Wax permalink

    I’m an adult but still use the word potty. But generally just to be cute when talking to my girlfriend.

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  7. 2009 December 16

    What if you call someone potty-mouthed, drmk? Is that not a grown-up thing to say?

    What if you’re using it as an adjective, in the British sense, like “Ugh. He’s gone all potty for the Spice Girls again”?

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    • 2009 December 16

      You can use “foul-mouthed” as a reasonable substitute for potty-mouthed. And the second version you give is a different meaning, of course, so that’s fine.

      I still maintain that if you can’t say the word bathroom or toilet, you don’t deserve to be considered an adult. Ditto for the phrase “I have to go tinkle” (or winky, or whatever other horrible abomination of a euphemism one may utter). (I’m looking at you here, Mom!)

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      • 2009 December 16

        Oh, I’m with you, there. There are so many more colorful and interesting—and less self-infantilizing—euphemisms out there.

        Two favorites: “I need to see a man about a horse” and, from Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale, “I will but look upon the hedge.”

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        • 2009 December 16
          sarajean80 permalink

          My brother-in-law favors “Dropping the kids off at swim class.”

          I have been guilty of using the p-word, but only when talking to my nieces, who are 3 and 5.

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      • 2010 May 14
        Innana permalink

        Yeah, and how about “little girls’ room” and “little boys’ room”?
        All the men over 50 in my office use that one (I work at the Pentagon!).

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        • 2010 August 1
          ratwoman permalink

          In my family it was always ‘going to inspect the plumbing’. No idea why.

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  8. 2010 February 12
    emesis permalink

    I think there are definitely appropriate times to use “potty”. Like when I am talking to my Chihwahwah. “Do you have to urinate or defecate?” seems unnecessarily technical.

    And “Do you have to go to the bathroom?” wouldn’t really be appropriate. In my mind. In his mind, it’s perfectly appropriate to urinate on the bathroom floor, since his ‘Daddy’ does it all the time. (I still don’t understand how guys can get past the whole potty training thing without learning to get ALL of the tinkle in the toilet.)

    So, I’m gonna stick with: “Do you have to go potty? Let’s go potty! Oooh! Time to go potty!” At least when I’m talking to the Chihwawa.

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