2009 January 27
by drmk

Brand NEW Playtex Tampons for sale – $6

I have a BRAND NEW, UNOPENED box of Playtex Tampons for $6. It is a box of 36 Playtex Tampons Super Plus protection. I brought and now, I am pregnant. I don’t need them anymore. E-mail if interested!!! I am willing to travel all over [location]!!

Do you think she realizes that she’s going to need those again in about nine months?

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  1. 2009 January 27

    Why would anyone drive to some stranger’s house to pay full price for one box of disposable goods that they could get on sale at Target?

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  2. 2009 January 27

    Oh wait, sorry. This poster is willing to travel all over town. And… spend like $2-3 in gas just to unload a box of tampons she will need within a year? I really don’t understand.

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  3. 2009 January 27
    laura permalink

    She’s pregnant. Hormones taking over her brain cells is my guess. (Disclaimer: I’m pregnant so things like an extra box of tampons is the end of the world folks!!!) (3 exclamation marks because she used 3…)

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  4. 2009 January 27

    Maybe she’s into zen living… you know, nothing more than what she needs at any given moment.

    Lemme tell you though, unopened tampons are a hot commodity. I had an ex leave an unopened box at my house. I put it out on the curb when I was moving out, and someone took it within five minutes.

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  5. 2009 January 27
    Jackie permalink

    Actually, assuming she breastfeeds (and depending how long), she might not need them until the baby starts weaning. That said, I don’t see how a box of tampons can take up SO much room that she can’t stash them in a closet for a while….

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  6. 2009 January 27
    Elle permalink

    Is it possible that this is her way of celebrating? “Whee, I’m pregnant! I’m going to re-decorate the guest room as a baby room! And go buy a bunch of really pretty maternity clothes! And… and… sell my tampons on craigslist!”

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  7. 2009 January 27
    drmk permalink

    @Jackie: they ARE super-plus sized! (That’s more information about her vagina than I wanted to know in the first place.)

    @Elle and laura: Kind of my line of thinking — “I want *everyone* to know I’m pregnant, so I’m going to advertise that I don’t need tampons anymore!!!”

    I won’t even mention that I’m sure there are lots of women’s shelters that would love a donation of an unopened box of tampons. (Oops, I mentioned it, didn’t I?)

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  8. 2009 January 27
    T-Bone permalink

    She must really need the cash. So bad, in fact, that she’s willing to sell tampons on Craigs List. Wonder what she will sell next?

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  9. 2009 January 27
    dogface permalink

    Seriously, I don’t see why this is so unreasonable. I mean, as we all know, tampons expire after a month or so. Y’know, it’s not like they’re made of something unperishable like cotton or anything. Really now.

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  10. 2009 January 27
    Syd permalink

    Babies are expensive. She needs the money ASAP

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  11. 2009 January 27

    The point about needing money is silly, though! Like I said earlier, she’ll lose half her “profit” just delivering them to the lucky buyer. If she is so hard up for cash, she should donate plasma. Or sell her baby.

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  12. 2009 January 27
    Mandee permalink

    Yes, babies are expensive! She can use that $6 for a third of a can of formula, or two thirds of a pack of diapers! Huh. People never cease to amaze me! Just put the tampons under your counter, and don’t worry about ’em for a year or so!

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  13. 2009 January 27
    Kris permalink

    So strange. Plus, the person buying them from her wouldn’t even be saving more than a few dollars. This is just a whole bowl of wrong.

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  14. 2009 January 27
    Robyn permalink

    @drmk: The Super Plus refers the absorbency, not the size. Tampons don’t come in various sizes based on how big your vagina is.

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  15. 2009 January 27
    Courtney permalink

    Robyn, I was waiting for someone to point that out. lol.

    Anyway, she’s not even selling them at a discount – I really don’t get it. I agree that if she really doesn’t want them around, she should donate them to a shelter. Though she’d better make sure she gets a receipt for her taxes!

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  16. 2009 January 27
    drmk permalink

    Hrm. I fail at girl — which is sad, because I am one! I always thought it was a mix of the two. Shows that I can always learn something, huh?

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  17. 2009 January 27
    leftyfro permalink

    People are missing the point, that this is an opportunity to have tampons delivered right to your door! Surely a premium price is expected.

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  18. 2009 January 28

    Woah. Woah. Woah. Woah.

    drmk, You’re a girl?

    Oh wait, the post. Wouldn’t it be best for the poster to make a trade with her item… Or do we not wish to speculate on what she would get…?

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  19. 2009 January 28

    Think the SUPER PLUS SIZE isn’t any bigger than your random every day regular size? Try it out on someone who’s never had a baby. There sure the hell is a difference in size.

    (trying not to be vulgar here girls….i don’t want to know why you can’t feel the difference in sizes)

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  20. 2009 January 28

    I was convinced drmk was a guy. Shows how much I know.

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  21. 2009 January 28
    Jaime permalink

    To Jackie… some women still need tampons while breastfeeding (unfortunately).

    Anyway, it is completely pointless to waste your time selling your tampons because you’re pregnant unless you plan on having a full hysterectomy afterward (hmmm… would’ve loved that option personally).

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  22. 2009 January 28
    and permalink

    They are different sizes of tampon, but it doesn’t have anything to do with the size of your hoo-ha. More cotton = more absorption.

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  23. 2009 January 28
    drmk permalink

    Yes, I’m a girl. And I’m a “slender regular” girl at that. Them big ol’ super plus things HURT!

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  24. 2009 January 28
    dogface permalink


    I didn’t say anything about the absorbency/size thing because I thought you were being facetious. D:

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  25. 2009 January 28
    drmk permalink

    Okay, I did some research in the name of science. Higher absorbency tampons are definitely bigger than the lower absorbency ones, at least in terms of width. And it may not be entirely accurate that the size you use depends on the size of your cooter, but it’s a whole lot FUNNIER. So there.

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  26. 2009 January 31

    Point 1 – LOVE THIS BLOG

    Point 2 – shes about to have a BABY HEAD come out of her “cooter”. Surely she could be using these super sized tampons for practice?

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  27. 2009 February 2

    You just know she is going to be pissed as hell the first time she discovers she needs those tampons again. I bet she’ll take it out on her husband/boyfriend (assuming she has one).

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  28. 2009 February 3
    McBomb permalink

    I think Laura is right, hormones but probably more to blame is that she’s just found out she’s pregnant and is really excited, wanting to tell the world. a craigslist ad for tampons might not be the best way, but whatever.

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  29. 2009 February 3
    eryops permalink

    As a female biologist, I shall share some knowledge!

    Martha: it doesn’t matter if you’ve had a baby before. I can assure you I have not, but I have horrendous blood volcano style periods, and I need the super plus. The only reason they would “hurt” is not from being bigger, but from being too dry when they are removed. There is a small difference in size between a junior and a super-plus, but they’re all still small enough that you can’t (or at least shouldn’t, if you’re doing it right) be able to feel them while they’re in.

    Another fun fact: women’s vaginas do not actually stay larger after they give birth. The cervix changes slightly (an increase of less than a centimeter, I believe), but the vagina is very elastic and eventually goes back to its normal size.

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  30. 2009 February 3
    drmk permalink

    There you go, ruining the funny with science. 😉

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  31. 2009 March 19

    In response to the tampon issue (not that anyone is probably reading this thread anymore, a month and a half later) – don’t most men, err, outsize even super-super-absorbency tampons? I don’t have a lot of firsthand knowledge to base that on, but what I do know (speaking as someone who has a well-endowed ex-boyfriend and a lot of difficulty using even regular absorbency tampons) leads me to believe that discomfort when using tampons is not an issue of size only.

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  32. 2009 October 29
    Lilu permalink

    “(not that anyone is probably reading this thread anymore, a month and a half later)”

    Hi, It’s October and I’m reading it.

    I’d imagine that most men are indeed bigger than a tampon (and if they’re not, dear sir, I am -very- sorry for you). However, someone else mentioned that it’s not necessarily the size-it’s the dryness. If she has a very light period, she wouldn’t need larger than a regular even for heavy days (most likely).

    Usually a wang does not try to delve into a dry hole after all.

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  33. 2009 October 29

    “I brought and now, I am pregnant.”

    To me this sounds like a claim of causation. And yet the box of tampons isn’t even opened! How did it get her pregnant if she didn’t even use one?

    eryops, if you’re still out there, we may need some more science…

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