2008 October 13
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by drmk

Let me shoot it for you. – £30 (Alaska U.S.A)

Until recently I had a cell phone that I just hated, I was contracted to it for 2 very long years, I had considered canceling the contract but the provider wanted an arm and a leg,so I just gritted my teeth and waited, finally the contract expired in August this year,I hated the phone so much that I would not give it to my worst enemy,I took the phone up to my local gun range, taped it to a bullseye target and put 6 x 22 rounds in it,took pics, then loaded my 12 gauge pump action shotgun and blew it away, there was nothing left to take pics of,Can you imagine just how good it felt,why not take your battery out,and post your phone or even laptop to me up here in Alaska,admittedly you cant shoot it your self, but you will have the satisfation of knowing your phone was uniquely disposed of never to be seen again,I can take pics and email them to you,you can choose which weapon I use,22,9mm,40cal,or 12 gauge pump,remember the 12 gauge usually leaves nothing left to see. Contact me for details.

This was posted in the London Craigslist, which explains the pounds sterling price, since that’s what they use in London, yanno, £30 is roughly equivalent to $51, just to give you an idea, of how much, it would cost, to have your cell phone, taped to a bullseye target, and shot, in Alaska, you betcha, although you’d have to pay shipping too, which, since you can see Russia from Alaska, can’t be cheap, you betcha, but why not send your cell phone or computer to this guy, and have him shoot things at it, and pretend that it’s cathartic, in some weird, passive-aggressive, way.

Love, Sarah Palin

PS: See, it’s creating a job, too, you betcha!

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  1. 2009 July 31
    Allison permalink

    Tears seriously welled up in my eyes at this one, I can’t believe there are no other comments! I take my hat off, both to the poster of this unique money-making scheme, and to the one who sent it in!

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  2. 2009 August 29
    wraith permalink

    Who wouldn’t want to be paid to blow up someone else’s stuff. Can’t fault this guy for shooting for his dreams.

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  3. 2010 July 12
    Wendy permalink

    I think he’s doing a cya type of thing…he is trying to get electronics, which he can then resell, for free. Notice his emphasis on the fact that he took pictures, shot the phone, and then there was “nothing” left to take pictures of. Yeah, so you send it in, he straps it to his “bulls-eye,” he takes a picture, and “blows it away.” Right, except he has no proof because there’s nothing left to take a picture of. I believe the “after” picture, would be the “before” picture in this case. He takes a picture of NOTHING, then adds your piece of electronic equipment, and then takes another picture…and wow, he gets to sell your item for profit. What a jerk!

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  4. 2015 February 16
    Tankerbell permalink

    I am very glad that it is several years later, and no one will ever see this comment, buried like the Ark of the Covenant in the back of an infinite government warehouse. Because I’m not sure what this says about me.
    I was terribly relieved to learn that when Sparky was offering to “shoot it” for a price, he was actually offering to shoot your cell phone with a gun. I’ll be in the corner for the foreseeable future.

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  5. 2015 February 17
    Meredith permalink

    Nothing is ever hidden forever, Tank….nothing…..

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