2009 January 18

mustang 1997 – $5500

Date: 2008-12-30, 2:48AM PST

im sellin my 1997 mustang for $5500 obo runs great its green srry for the pics i took them at nite but if u wanna c the car give me a call at xxx xxxx ask 4 cris

Leslie sends along this posting, noting: “Really?  You couldn’t wait until morning to list your car? You took the pictures in the DARK? Really?” (Indeed — look at the time stamp for the posting. The mind boggles as to why this linguistically-challenged individual couldn’t have waited a mere five hours to take the picture in the dawn’s early light.)

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  1. 2009 January 18
    D / DM permalink

    “I just can’t sleep until I get rid of this car. God, I hate this car so much…”

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  2. 2009 January 18
    Cheryl permalink

    They need the money NOW so they can afford a camera with a flash.

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  3. 2009 January 18

    How much money do 5500 oboes cost?

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  4. 2009 January 18

    That is so fantastic. And Leslie’s comment – right on.

    “if u wanna c the car give me a call… ask 4 cris” No lower case cris, I’m far too scared of what I’ll discover.

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  5. 2009 January 19
    Olson permalink

    Maybe it’s a camo car and we’d never have been able to see it anyway!

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  6. 2009 February 5
    Ari permalink

    Perhaps ‘crys’ is a vampire.

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