YSaC, Vol. 256: Granny panties!

2009 March 31
by drmk

Pantyhose – $7

Cleaning out granny’s dresser and she had bunches of pantyhose, some are vintage! As you can see in the pic…. some have white or cream colored panties with a sandstone hose. One pair is more like a girdle top with hose attached. And one pair are dark sheer with the dark colored heel and toe that were probably back from the 1960’s!!! This pair is obviously been worn, the others look new, but I couldnt swear to it! Please note these are not for plus size people, granny was small and from the tags in the pantyhose they are mostly listed as average! There’s 11 pairs total for only $7 Cash only, pick up only!

If this ad is still appearing…… then the item is still available. Dont clutter up my mailbox asking stupid questions like “Is it still available?” Especially 5 minutes after the ad appeared! Ill just delete the email w/o answering it! I try to list all info with the ad including a picture. If I dont have one, then its not included, so dont write asking, “Do you have a picture?” Obviously I dont! Prices listed are what I would like to receive for an item, you’re welcome to write and make me a decent offer and I might accept it unless I list the price as “FIRM”! For the low ball offers, you know what you can do with them! Those will be deleted also! If you’re really interested in the item, write and tell me what day and time you would like to come out to purchase the item! And please show up when you say you will or email me to reschedule! My time is as valuable as yours and waiting for someone to show up is taking away from things I have to do.

Phoebe sends this one in, saying, “Wow. I really love that this person is a) selling off granny’s pantyhose collection and b) spends more time basically telling interested parties to fuck off in one way or another than she does describing the pantyhose.”

I want to email this charming person and say, “Are they still available? Do you have pictures of the dark sheer pair? What size are they all? I’ll give you $3 for all of them, and I can show up sometime between Wednesday and two Thursdays from now.”

Anyway, I’m aware that some vintage lingerie is actually desirable. Dead Granny’s possibly-used pantyhose? I’m going to categorize that one under “ew.”

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  1. 2009 March 31
    gas station bathroom permalink

    You know some hipster will see the word vintage and will totally buy them, even if they had stains. *shudders*

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  2. 2009 March 31

    Is the excited masses of interested buyers overflowing their email inbox really going to be that big of an issue.

    1. Stop selling stuff for less than 10$. A 4 or 7 dollar purchase is not worth the gas it takes to make the transition or the amount of electricity it takes to run a computer for 5 minutes to post the ad.

    2. Everything is valuable to someone. Except used lingerie. And if you do find someone who loves used undies, they probably still dont want moth ridden granny-panties.

    I hope this has been of service.

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    • 2009 March 31
      Courtney permalink

      Actually, if you need something badly enough – you’ll spend $5 in gas to pay $3 for something if it still comes out to less than you’d pay for something new. That’s in general, of course, and not when it comes to grandma’s drawers.

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  3. 2009 March 31

    Ew. Ew ew EW!

    But, sadly, there probably is someone out there who has a “dead Granny’s used lingerie” fetish.

    I want to know what they mean by “obviously been worn” in reference to the dark-toed ones. Or maybe I don’t.

    Also… Granny really should have cleaned out her drawers if she still has (used) pantyhose in there from the ’60s.

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    • 2009 August 19
      frankincense permalink

      “dead granny’s used lingerie fetish?” hahahaha

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  4. 2009 March 31
    Sam permalink

    …..I bet the pantyhose is haunted.

    That is all…..

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  5. 2009 March 31
    T-Bone permalink

    This makes me want to throw up.

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  6. 2009 March 31
    Colleen in MA permalink

    This makes my head hurt extra.

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  7. 2009 March 31
    PrincessLuceval permalink

    I love how they’re the extra dark suntan color too, from the 70’s. People are lining up for those.

    Girl really has the passive-aggressive posting going on.

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  8. 2009 March 31
    Kristen55 permalink

    Her time is sooooo valuable that she has time to sell $7 worth of old panties on CL? Unfortunately I am familiar with the sort of responses you get when selling anything on CL – It has to be at least a $50 item to be worth my time.

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  9. 2009 March 31
    Anonymous permalink


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  10. 2009 March 31

    I have been scrubbing my body with a wire brush for two hours. I am covered in blood. I will never be clean.

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  11. 2009 March 31

    And just while I’m at it. FIX YOUR FUCKEN CSS, BRO.

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    • 2009 March 31
      drmk permalink

      You mean the CSS that can’t handle you pimping your 25-character blog name as all one word? Yeah, I’ll get right on that.

      Look at gas station bathroom up there: that works just fine.

      And by “bro”, you mean “ma’am”, right?

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  12. 2009 March 31
    Mandee permalink

    Hey…is this the same person who was trying to sell Grandma’s dentures?? If not, they need to get together. Talk about an interesting CL add!! :p

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    • 2009 March 31
      drmk permalink

      Both ads did mention that Grandma was a “small woman”! But no, unless grandma lived in both Texas and Ohio, I think we’re dealing with different people who were left out of Granny’s will and are now trying to capitalize on her remaining belongings.

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  13. 2009 April 1
    brashieel permalink

    Who are these people that take the time to sell an item for less than $10 and still insist their time is valuable? How does that work in their heads?

    For that matter… how does one get the job of disposing of their dead grandmother’s lingerie and think of selling it?

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  14. 2009 April 1
    Shyla permalink

    Personally I think this deserved the “some things should just not be resold” tag. Didn’t you make that for the dentures? Maybe I’m hallucinating…. carry on.

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    • 2009 April 1
      Jackie permalink

      I such a tag does not exist, I second the motion for its creation.

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    • 2009 April 1
      drmk permalink

      The title of that post was “I’ll take ‘Things that shouldn’t be recycled’ for $200, Alex”. There have been quite a few items that would fall in that category (enema table, I’m looking at you!), so perhaps there is a tag needed.

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  15. 2009 April 1

    Where’s this listed? I want to ask her if Granny was wearing any of these when she died. That’s the only way I could think to make this more disgusting than thinking of these cotton liners rubbing up against her grandmother’s nethers.

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  16. 2010 September 28
    Windrose permalink

    Wow, the Way-Back Machine deposited me here from the future. Look, the line is trembling, but it hasn’t run away yet! And there’s a post from Colleen in MA! Hi, Colleen! We miss you in the future. 24 comments before I got here. I could have been somebody! I could have been a contender! 8) Oh, wait, I am somebody. Carry on, granny looters.

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