2008 December 31
by drmk

Adult toys

My collection of adult toys is woefully poor. If you have some toys you no longer need give me reply.

Ew. Just … ew.

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  1. 2008 December 31
    Jessie permalink

    I don’t think there is any amount of cleaning and disinfecting solution in the world that could persuade me to do that. I feel the need for penicillin just reading that… or maybe some Valtrex?

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  2. 2009 January 4
    kristen55 permalink

    Oh no, just no. No no no no no.

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  3. 2009 January 7

    I have a duct tape Jay Leno head I bought from eBay. I no longer have room for it. I will sell it for 65 cents, you pay shipping. It is a collectible, definitely not a children’s toy…

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  4. 2009 January 9
    Jackie permalink

    This does raise a somewhat awkward question though: what do you do with unwanted adult toys? You’re not supposed to throw them in the trash, but who wants to show up at the recycling center with a bag full of vibrators?

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  5. 2009 January 21

    Fuck you all for maying fun of me everyone has different sexual needs. Youall have probably used toys too so fuck you!

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  6. 2009 February 19
    Laura permalink

    Toys are great. I love toys.

    Buy. Them. New.

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